Shine beyond the classroom! 

Minnehaha Academy students don't just excel in the classroom and community. They also shine in the fine arts, athletics, and co-curricular activities. 

We have many award-winning groups and there is something for everyone. A passion or interest is all that's needed to become a member of any team or group.

Note: Activities noted with LS, MS, or US indicate whether the club or co-curricular is available in Lower School, Middle School, or Upper School.


  • Chamber Orchestra (MS & US)
  • Chamber Singers (US)
  • Jazz Band (MS & US)
  • Pep Band (US)
  • Show Choir (4th & 5th Grade, MS)
  • Symphony Orchestra (US)


  • Book Club (MS)
  • Debate (US)
  • GeoBee (MS)
  • Math Team (5th Grade, MS, US)
  • Spelling Bee (3rd Grade-5th Grade)
  • Writing Club (MS & US)


  • Bible Study (US)
  • BIPOC Affinity Group (MS)
  • Diversity Club (MS & US)
  • Friends of the Library (US)
  • Leadership Institute (US & MS)
  • Prayer Warriors (US)


  • AV Team & Tech Club (MS)
  • Lego League (5th Grade & MS)
  • Tech Crew (US)


  • French Club (US)
  • Latin Club (US)
  • Spanish Club (US)


  • Antler Yearbook (US)
  • Publications Club (MS)*
  • Redhawks Online (Multimedia) (US)*
  • Talon Newspaper (US)*

*Scheduled classes during the school day. However, all students may contribute to these publications. 


  • Musical (MS & US)
  • Play (MS & US)
  • Student Showcase (US)

Additional Opportunities

Additional opportunities are available through other departments, be sure to check out:

  • Athletics
  • Extended Day: Extended Day offers after-school classes throughout the year, such as chess, pom team, language courses, and more. 
  • Private Music Lessons: Music faculty offer lessons to students throughout the year. Lessons are arranged between the teacher and the parent. 


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