Minnehaha Academy is committed to fostering an environment that exemplifies racial harmony and peace fueled by our love for Christ and one another. We desire to be a model of God's beloved community, living out the belief of the inherent honor and dignity of each individual as an image bearer of God.

  • We welcome and embrace the wonderful diversity found in God’s kingdom.
  • We celebrate the uniqueness of individuals and cultures, as we strive toward inclusiveness that Christ demonstrated.
  • We prepare students to be bridge builders and peace makers.

We come from different ethnic, socio-economic, and religious backgrounds. We are united as a faith community in our relationship with God. We believe that we that we are called to love God with all our heart, soul, and mind, and to love our neighbor as ourselves. Therefore, we strive to maintain a community that welcomes and embraces the wonderful diversity found in God's Kingdom.

The Minnehaha Academy Multicultural Family Network, or MOSAIC, is an organization consisting of parents committed to building community. Mosaic exists to enhance the understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity throughout Minnehaha Academy and to serve as a bridge between students, parents, faculty, and staff on diversity issues. All Minnehaha Academy families are welcome to join this group.

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