Gifts of Stock or Securities

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Gifts of Stock or Securities

Transferring appreciated securities to Minnehaha Academy carries a couple key financial incentives. 

  1. It exempts you from any capital gains taxes that would accrue from the appreciated amount. 

  2. The entirety of the stock's present value can be deducted as a charitable contribution against your income tax. If the deduction cannot be used in the year you make the gift, you may carry it over for an additional five (5) years.

To donate stock to Minnehaha Academy, please contact your brokerage in a simple letter indicating the type of securities you wish to transfer and instruct them to include your name when making the transfer. Please provide the following information:

Account Owner: Minnehaha Academy
Brokerage: Goldman Sachs & Co.
Account: 056-44735-2
DTC: 0005

Please let the Minnehaha Academy Development Office know the type of stock, number of shares, the approximate value of the gift and the correct designation of your gift (Heritage & Hope Scholarships, the Minnehaha Fund, special contribution, etc.). If you plan to donate mutual fund shares or transfer stock certificates, please know these transactions require special handling.

Note: To ensure your gift is credited in the current calendar year, please initiate your stock transfer with your broker at least ten (10) days prior to December 31.

Please make sure you notify Minnehaha Academy that you have initiated a stock transaction by contacting Sara Jacobson by email at or phone at 612-728-7764.