Impact Opportunities

Shape Tomorrow Through Supporting Christian Education

Minnehaha Academy has many areas where lasting impact can be made through the generous contributions from far-sighted donors.

Below are listed the key focus areas that Minnehaha seeks to secure for the future of the school and its legacy of Christian education that empowers the well-rounded leaders that we are known for.

Generous financial gifts from donors like you, fuel innovation in learning, foster genuine community engagement, and forge deeper experiences in education and spiritual growth.

Join us and be a part of our global Redhawk community as we pursue excellence in academia and authenticity in our faith!

1. Heritage & Hope (H&H) Scholarships

In the tradition of our founders over 100 years ago, the Heritage & Hope Scholarship exists to help families in need of tuition assistance the most. For you, Heritage & Hope exists to provide an opportunity to directly support families who believe that the Minnehaha Academy educational experience is the best opportunity for their children.

Our families are our strength, and maintaining access to this valuable gift of a Christian education is both our calling and our mandate. As the need for student aid becomes more pressing, the Heritage & Hope Scholarship provides an opportunity to share our blessings by helping the many hardworking families who are struggling in order to attend. More than 50% of our students receive some form of financial assistance, allowing them to have the full experience of Minnehaha's transformational Christian education.

In the spirit of our founders, we ask for your help in building this scholarship fund, fulfilling the inspired dream of a school that is as strong in community as it is in faith.

Gifts can be made to provide equity and support students with financial aid scholarships. There are no “free rides” at Minnehaha Academy, but currently just over ½ of our student population receives some type of financial aid. Your gift can be the difference determining if a student is able to attend MA.

With a $10,000 gift to Heritage & Hope:

  • Your class will be assigned a scholarship recipient. 

  • Your Class Representative will get a note from the student

  • An update from Sara Jacobson, Executive Director of Institutional Advancement, on the impact of your gift.

2. Minnehaha Fund 

By giving to the Minnehaha Fund, you are supporting the people and programs that make Minnehaha Academy one of the top-ranked schools in Minnesota. Gifts of every size make a difference to every student, every day.

Our school has begun our second century with big ideas, a forward leaning vision and a great deal of work to do! Your partnership is critical to continually improve academic programs while strengthening our robust, award-winning fine arts and championship athletics programs.

What does the Minnehaha Fund support?

  • Classroom Environment: Faculty and staff, instructional resources, building, maintenance, and supplies.

  • Tools for Learning: Technology and equipment, faculty professional development, and curriculum implementation.

  • Student Programs: Tuition assistance, fine arts, and athletics.

3. Restricted Funds and Endowed Funds

A robust endowment is the key to stability, long-term growth and strong programs that keep us rooted in our values. Your gift to the endowment has the most lasting impact on Minnehaha Academy’s long-range vitality.

Endowment gifts can be established through outright or deferred gifts of almost any type of asset, cash or securities. Endowment gifts greater than $25,000 can be named to honor a family legacy or an individual. Gifts of any amount may be added to existing endowments.

4. Faculty Development

Great teachers help create great students. It is critical to provide opportunities that support educators in their professional and faith development. Your gift will allow Minnehaha Academy to attract and retain the most talented and dedicated teachers.

5. Program Enhancement 

Your gift will support and expand academic programs, engaging arts opportunities, and character-building athletic experiences in addition to world languages, speech, and performing arts. 

With your investment we can also provide new opportunities outside of the classroom through field trips, Cultural Field Experience, and partnerships with local universities.

6. Minnehaha Academy Leadership Institute

We welcome donations given to support the Minnehaha Academy Leadership Institute (MLI). This voluntary, faith-based curriculum program prepares 6-12 graders to be servant leaders both during their time at Minnehaha and after they graduate.

MLI is a program specifically designed for Middle and Upper School students who want to deepen their leadership skills. Customized educational tracks cultivate a systemic process for leadership development that connects the spheres of student involvement at MA including academics, arts, and athletics. It provides students with individual mentors and to create a systematic process for mentorship at MA.

7. Core Formation 

This is a series of intentional, focused opportunities at all grade levels for students to engage their hearts in ways that will shape how they relate to God, to others, and to their own selves over the course of their lives. These opportunities focus on the following 4 areas of formation: 

  1. Academic

  2. Spiritual

  3. Vocational

  4. Community

Gifts towards Core Formation enhances student experience at all grade levels at MA.

8. International Space Station (ISS)

This is a program where a group of students create a project to be sent by rocket to the International Space Station. The students decide on the project, make the project, and evaluate the project's results. This is the only ISS in the Upper Midwest, and one of few in the United States. 

Your gift makes it possible for these students to do research, create their project, go on a field trip to watch the rocket ship launch, run the program.

9. International Student Support 

Your gift can support two international students from the CS Lewis School in the country of Slovakia. They come for 1 semester free of charge and are chosen by their school for this transformational cross-cultural education experience.

Cost of supporting one student: ½ annual tuition (~$14,000 in 2023)
Find out more about international students at Minnehaha Academy.