Middle School production photo of Matilda

Your child will have the opportunity to discover the joy of storytelling through theatre starting in preschool. As they grow, the theatre opportunities will grow and develop with them, offering new challenges along the way.

Whether students find themselves on stage or behind the scenes, students are working on crucial team building skills. Understanding the human condition while getting into character, honing their listening skills, and learning to react off of one another are all ways students work to tell deeper stories. Finding innovative ways to use technology and design to enhance these stories is another way we engage student technicians. They can learn about lighting, sound design, and costuming starting in Middle School.

But it isn't only about developing transferrable skills-our theatre students have fun! Whether on stage or behind the scenes, there is a space for each child to shine. Theatre is a place of belonging for our students.

Theatre students learn from instructors who are professionals in the field. High School theatre students have received numerous accolades for their performances, and are regularly recognized with top honors through the Spotlight Program of the Hennepin Theatre Trust. Many MA Players have been selected as Triple Threat winners as well.

High School Theatre

Minnehaha Academy Players is an exceptional high school theatre program that strives to do high quality work while providing a safe environment for students to shine, express themselves and feel celebrated. Students here explore the depths of storytelling while using their gifts to add a unique take on any production both on stage and behind the scenes. The Players love telling stories that can often be challenging but are always creative, interesting, and thought provoking. This award winning program provides leadership opportunities and engages students in every aspect of theatrical storytelling.

Zarion Irby Performs Into the Woods

Zarion Irby: Theatre

Growing Through Critique and Character Exploration

Taking part in Into the Woods really stretched me. I don't think people realize that theatre takes a lot out of you physically and mentally, equivalent to what I've experienced in track. [Zarion is a State hurdles competitor.]  

After Ms. Lutgen worked with me on the voice and rhythm side of things Mr. Freemen coached me on turning the songs into an expression of the character I was playing. I've never been critiqued like that before, or had to adapt my delivery and body movements during a song to someone else's analysis. At first it's kind of frustrating, but then you see how to apply the suggestions and own them in a way that adds to your character. 

One of the things I struggle with is stage fright. Somehow, this process of stepping into and really "becoming" a character, as well as knowing I had great support from my director, changed that. Taking part in Into the Woods was an opportunity to grow and the character-building process made me an overall stronger performer.

Past High School Productions
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time
Clue Theatre poster
Poster for Into the Woods
Poster for Amelie theater production
Theatre Poster
Poster for the spring play, Museum
Junie B. Jones
Arsenic & Old Lace

Middle School Theatre

In Middle School your child will have the opportunity to explore all that theatre has to offer. It's the ideal time to try out costuming, makeup, stage design, production, and performing. 

It's this variety of opportunity that allows each child to find their place in the fun world of theatre. The various teams of students work with mentor adults to learn the ropes and grow their skills, all in a caring and supportive environment. 

Past Middle School Productions
Matilda Musical Theatre poster
shrek poster
treasure island poster

Theatre Courses and Co-Curricular Opportunities


  • 8th Grade Theater Elective
  • 9-12th Grade Introduction to Theatre

Co-Curricular Opportunities

  • Grade-specific class productions (elementary grades)
  • Middle School Musical
  • Middle School Play
  • Upper School Musical
  • Upper School Play
  • Upper School Student Showcase
  • Middle and Upper School Tech Teams
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