Upper School student plays flute in performance

Your child will flourish in the arts as they discover the joy and beauty of creating and sharing music under the guidance of our caring and inspiring music teachers.

Preschoolers are welcomed into the world of music with songs integrated in learning as they go about their day. They are introduced to simple music instruments, discover the joy of using their voice and learn about rhythm in fun, accessible activities in the classroom.

Elementary school students play music

Lower School students will have hands-on discovery lessons in their music class, where they are introduced to new music styles. In Lower School your child will learn how to play the African drums, move with rhythm, and learn how they can control their voice to sing in harmony with others.

As your child grows, so will their musical abilities and opportunities. Starting in fifth grade, students can select a band or orchestral instrument and participate in lessons and group practice and performance. Middle Schoolers can join jazz band and play during a variety of milestone events at Minnehaha.

Upper School Band

In Upper School, the sky is the limit! Your child may choose from  a variety of choral and instrumental groups, surrounded by peers and instructors who love music as much as they do. Our musical groups perform in local, national, and international venues that provide new opportunities to discover the world of performance and music. Local professionals also are invited to guest instruct musical ensembles, which offers new and exciting experiences for our students to grow in their potential.

There's this feeling that you get when something sounds really good. At the end of the song, during the applause, you turn and look at the people you're singing with, and there's just that feeling of: wow; we just did so well. It's really indescribable. That night, I had that feeling.


Excerpt from "Bold Exploration - Sam Karkabi: Choir, Stepping Out at the Last Moment" (Link)

Music Courses and Co-Curricular Opportunities

All students are encouraged to become involved in the music program at Minnehaha Academy – even if they have not been involved in music before. Our offerings invite students to explore, try new things and nurture their gifts! As students learn and grow, they are given opportunities to use those gifts to serve the community through performances at events, chapel, and concerts.

General Music

  • Classroom Music (Lower School)
  • Singers (Lower School)*


  • 6th Grade Band
  • 7th Grade Band
  • 8th Grade Band
  • Jazz Band (Middle School)*
  • Concert Band (grades 9-11)
  • Symphonic Wind Ensemble (grades 10-12)
  • Pep Band (Upper School)
  • Jazz Band (Upper School)*
  • Jazz Combo (Upper School)*


  • Sixth Grade Redhawk Choristers
  • Seventh and Eighth Grade Harmonics
  • Show Choir (Middle School)*
  • Cantabile (Upper School Sopranos and Altos)
  • Spirito  (Upper School Tenors and Basses)
  • Minnehaha Academy Singers (Upper School)
  • Chamber Singers (Upper School)*


  • 6th Grade Strings
  • 7th Grade Strings
  • 8th Grade Strings
  • String Orchestra  (Upper School)
  • Symphony Orchestra (Upper School)*
  • Chamber Orchestra  (Upper School)*

*These ensembles meet before school

Co-Curricular Opportunities

  • Musical Theater Cast
  • Pit Orchestra
  • Praise and Worship Ensemble
  • Private Music Lessons
  • Performance Tours (Upper School) 
  • Honors Ensembles
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