Food Services

A personal, nutritious approach.

If you ask our students, they will say the food at MA is the best in town! Our students enjoy the delicious entrées and our parents feel good that their children are eating nutritious and healthy made-from-scratch food. Meet Chef Laura DuBois and Food Services Director Mike Cain and you will learn that it is a top priority for each student to have a lunch that supports his or her dietary requirements. Our food service is provided by Taher Corporation, which has a strong reputation, built over 30 years, for providing high quality food and exceptional service.

What's For Lunch

Purchasing School Lunch

Each student has a lunch account with Taher. Money can be deposited into the account in person (in the dining hall) or online.

More Information

If you have any questions or would like to visit about the Minnehaha Academy Dining Program, please contact Laura DuBois during normal school hours by calling (952) 255-6018 or email: