Counseling Student Services

A holistic approach.

At Minnehaha Academy’s Upper School we provide students with a comprehensive school counseling program aimed at encouraging students’ academic readiness, college and career preparedness, as well as social-emotional and spiritual well-being. The counselors assist students as they navigate through the college admissions process by developing their God-given potential, and by encouraging students to attend institutions aligned with their academic and career goals. Through a whole-child focus on each student, our goal is to create a learning environment where all types of students are welcome and successful.


Academic Support

We strive to teach students self-advocacy, giving them tools to ask for what they need in order to be more successful as they navigate the school’s college preparatory curriculum. We collaborate with faculty to find students’ strengths and help them engage in their schoolwork in order to maximize their gifts and talents.


College and Career Readiness

We walk alongside students to assist in planning course loads that are appropriately challenging to help students achieve their postsecondary goals, while also encouraging them to maintain a healthy life balance. Our department thoughtfully utilizes a wraparound model of counseling, getting to know our students beginning in 9th grade, helping them make informed decisions about their future plans. Learn More →


Social-Emotional Care

We recognize that students’ experiences are more than just academics, and that their well-being has an impact on their overall school success. Our department delivers dynamic programming that addresses the ever-evolving needs of the student body and supports students at all times throughout their time at the Upper School.