Expectations for Technology Use

Minnehaha Academy views the use of personal instructional technology as one way of enhancing our mission to teach the skills, knowledge, and behaviors students will need to be informed and responsible citizens. We look forward to using these tools for research, organization, productivity, art, communication, design, and creation. Like any complex tools, however, electronic devices can be misused or abused. Adherence to the expectations provided in this policy will allow us to enjoy the benefits of various technologies in our school. 

In addition to the practices and procedures in the Minnehaha Academy Acceptable Use Policy and Student Handbook faculty will hold students to the following iPad expectations: 


Category Expectation
Classroom Usage iPads may only be used at the direction of teachers in the classroom. 
iPad Hallway Usage‚Äč iPads may not be used in the hallways or other non-classroom spaces without specific teacher direction to do so. iPads may be used in classrooms solely at the teacher’s direction and for class-specific purposes. 
Cellphone & Smartwatch Usage During school hours, all personal technology needs to be stored in the student’s locker or backpack. Parents who need to contact their children during school hours should call the front office and a message will be relayed to the student.
Storage Space Students will not take photos or videos of classmates or MA faculty without specific permission or direction, and it must be for educational purposes.
Privacy Students will not take photos or videos of classmates or MA faculty without specific permission or direction, and it must be for educational purposes.
Passwords Students agree not to share passwords with other students. Students, starting in Grade 3, will remember their Network ID (WiFi and Mac login), Google ID (Drive & Gmail), and their Apple ID (iCloud backups). 
Maintenance Students who bring devices home agree to charge the iPad nightly, install regular iOS software updates, update individual apps, and backup their iPad to iCloud (Settings → iCloud → Backup).
Hacking Students agree not to modify Apple’s iOS (known as jailbreaking). This subjects the iPad and school network to malicious software.
Respect Treat MA-owned devices as if they were your own, with respect and care. (e.g., don’t twirl the iPad on your finger, avoid stacking heavy objects on top of the iPad, etc.)
Before and After School Students in Middle School are allowed to do homework on their iPads in the commons area by the office until 8:15 and before students go to their lockers. Students may not access games, apps, websites, or social media that have age restrictions above their age. The same expectations apply after school and when students are involved in a school-sponsored event, activity, or trip off-campus outside of school hours.

In the event that a student does not comply with these expectations, the student will be subject to discipline as outlined in our Lower School Parent/Student Handbook. In addition, the school reserves the right to inspect or search a student’s device if there is reason to believe that the student has violated school policies or procedures regarding the use of the device, or has engaged in other misconduct while using their personal device.