School Day Procedures

Last updated: Aug 3
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Safety Procedures

Parents must certify that their child(ren) is/are well before leaving for school. Health self-checks will be reported each morning before school on Parent Square.

Our primary mitigation strategies are:

  • Mask or neck gaiter use by students, faculty, and staff
  • Plexiglass barriers in place at certain high traffic areas and in the Student Services office where students have meetings that may last for 15 minutes or more.
  • Sanitizing and cleaning protocols including daily, mid-day, and nightly cleaning; wash stations through the building, and cleaning of desks and learning materials between classes.
  • Typical class sizes of 16 or less along with rooms large enough to accommodate social distancing in classrooms.
  • Alternative, larger learning spaces available for classes whose sizes make social distancing difficult, including several outdoor learning spaces.
  • Air handling / needlepoint bipolar ionization system (KSTP News story on safety protocols).
  • Staggered arrival and dismissal.
  • Isolation areas for students showing COVID-related symptoms.
  • Traffic flow – students and staff will walk up the large main wooden staircases and down the back staircases.


Safe Arrival


The school day will begin at 8:40. Staggered arrival times will help avoid crowds at the entry doors. School transportation will arrive between 8:15–8:35am.

We ask that students not arrive too early to school to minimize the unstructured time in the building and remain socially distant from others or head directly to their first classroom when they do need to arrive early. However, we do understand that some students will arrive for zero hour rehearsals and meetings beginning at 7:45am.

Entry Point

As in the past, we will have two main entry points into the Upper School: the D1 door off the east faculty/staff parking lot where parents and school transportation drop off occurs, and the E1 door off of the west student parking lot.



We will again have 3 different lunch periods that occur during periods 5 and 6 each day. Our food service provider, Taher, will offer lunch each day and is working out the details for how extensive the lunch options will be and the safest and most cost effective way to serve the meals.

Students will be able to pick up lunch from the Servery or bring their own lunch from home and then will need to sit in a socially distant manner when they eat. Students will eat in the Olson Family Campus Room, outdoor lunch patio, and areas in the Sundet Commons in order to remain socially distant from other students while eating. Students will not eat in classrooms.

We will need the cooperation of Upper School students to clean up after themselves, throw away trash, and return any trays and silverware to the campus room so we can keep the school clean.


Bathroom Breaks

Individual students who need to go to the bathroom may go independently between classes or with approval from a teacher. S/he will wear a mask and use appropriate social distancing practices.


Safe Dismissal

Exit Point

Students will be able to use any door to exit the Upper School and will be encouraged to stagger their dismissal and spread out.


Buses will be stationed on 32nd Street and will leave for the Lower and Middle School at 2:55 each day prior to leaving for their after school routes. Parent pick-up will be at the east lot outside of door D1. Student drivers will leave the west lot outside of doors A1, C1, and E1 and must turn right when they leave the parking lot. Student athletes going to the Lower and Middle School for practice will not be allowed to enter the Lower and Middle School building until the buses have left the lot.

Lower School is IN-PERSON ✅

Middle School is IN-PERSON ✅

Upper School is IN-PERSON ✅

When to Stay Home

Students and faculty must not come to school if they display any symptoms or come into close contact with COVID-19. Please use our decision tree when determining whether or not to come to school.*

*MA follows guidelines from the MN Health Department for reporting contagious illnesses, please let the school know if your child has a contagious illness or if your family has had close-contact exposure to COVID-19.

[T]he partnership between home and school ... elevates our trusted relationship to a higher level.

Rev. Dr. Donna Harris, PresidentLetters from the President