Distance Learning Option

Last updated: Aug 7
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We are offering a full-year, fully online option for families in all grades. You must register for a semester of Distance Learning no later than Monday, August 10, 8 am.

At the Middle School students will be able to move from in-person learning to online at any point in the semester and remain online until that semester ends.  Students will not be allowed to move from online to in-person during a semester unless circumstances allow it (i.e., physical space in needed classes), or if that student started in-person but had to stay home for any period or time for any reason, and will re-enter his/her classroom.

The fine arts department at the Middle School will have students join fine arts classes through the Zoom livestream and participate with the rest of the performers as fully as possible. Then they will utilize distance learning strategies as well for those students as they did in the spring

Distance Learning students will have an advisor to meet with each morning online.  That advisor will also act as a resource for those students and families. Students will receive the same curriculum as students receiving live instruction, but the delivery will be different.

The instructional day will consist of a combination of synchronous (live) instruction (e.g., watching the in-person classes live), potential small group sessions with other online learners, and independent work time. Students will follow the same schedule as in-person students, participating in those classes as much as possible until it makes sense to begin asynchronous work on their own. Classrooms will have technology to broadcast live instruction for students logging in. Beyond the classroom teachers and their advisor, students may request time to meet with our counselor or any other staff.

An iPad and all technology needs will be provided.

Parents will need to commit to supervising students, ensuring that students are present for attending classes and working during independent work times.

Lower School is IN-PERSON ✅

Middle School is IN-PERSON ✅

Upper School is IN-PERSON ✅

When to Stay Home

Students and faculty must not come to school if they display any symptoms or come into close contact with COVID-19. Please use our decision tree when determining whether or not to come to school.*

*MA follows guidelines from the MN Health Department for reporting contagious illnesses, please let the school know if your child has a contagious illness or if your family has had close-contact exposure to COVID-19.

[T]he partnership between home and school ... elevates our trusted relationship to a higher level.

Rev. Dr. Donna Harris, PresidentLetters from the President