Distance Learning

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Learning apart. Learning together.

Minnehaha will offer a distance learning option for students in K-12 for the 2020-2021 school year. Students choosing distance learning will be able to participate in co- and extra-curricular activities. 

Note: We recognize that students who are enrolled in Minnehaha’s on-campus instruction may need to engage in distance learning on a temporary basis (e.g.; a family member tests positive for covid and the child must stay home to quarantine). In these cases, students will be able to access their cohort’s instruction and programming from home.


Our Commitment

We commit to providing your child an exceptional learning experience with all of the components of a great education: relationship, engagement, fun, and cultivation of curiosity. Rest assured that our ongoing commitment is to keep you informed and connected, and to find creative ways to strengthen our sense of community even more.

Need help navigating all these new digital tools? Visit our glossary and access instructions page.
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Lower School Distance Learning Option

For students in Kindergarten through 5th Grade, there will be two cohorts: K-2 and 3-5, taught by experienced Minnehaha teachers. Students will receive the same curriculum as students receiving live instruction, but the delivery will be different. The instructional day will consist of a combination of synchronous (live) instruction, 1:1 and small group sessions, and independent work time.

Parents who enroll their child in the virtual option are committing to a unique and substantial partnership with the teacher, requiring an ongoing investment of time and energy to ensure that the child is fully engaged. Parents will enroll their child in online learning one semester at a time. Learn more →



Middle & Upper School Distance Learning Option

Families do have the option of enrolling in our distance learning program full-time vs. being in school. The daily schedule and courses will be the same, but students will “tune in” live during classes and access materials via streaming technology. The classes will also be recorded and available to view at a later time. Learn more →


Middle School students will have an online advisor and will meet synchronously with this group each morning before they start their day.

Upper School students will have an advisory group that they will meet with synchronously three times per week after the first class period of the day.

Academic Support

Students will still receive the necessary academic support they need in addition to social-emotional support from their school counselors.





Support services will remain available for faculty and staff via the usual portal. Help is additionally available for students and families via a dedicated email address (techhelp@minnehahaacademy.net) and Schoology user (Tech Help).



We are blessed to have a strong technology tools and infrastructure in place to support teaching and learning. Instruction will be delivered primarily through our standard learning management systems and environments, Seesaw and Schoology. That’s where students will find most of their coursework as well as communication from teachers, lessons, quizzes, discussions, etc. Teachers may choose to leverage live conferencing via Google Meet, available on all devices. Students have experience with these tools already.

  • School-wide Information: Parent Square
  • Learning Management System for PreK–2: Seesaw
  • Learning Management System for Grades 3-12: Schoology
  • Live Conferencing: Google Meet
  • Devices: Students in grades 3–11 already use school-issued iPads regularly and are knowledgeable using them for instruction and schoolwork. Students in grades 12 use their own device or a school-issued device and should be comfortable using them for schoolwork.

For additional help using or signing-into the tools above please visit our support pageCheck the status of our online services. Be advised teachers may leverage additional tools specific to their grade or content area.


Acceptable Use of School Tools & Technology

Minnehaha Academy strongly values our community and it is important for teachers and students to be able to connect during this time of distance learning. Our technology tools provide wonderful opportunities to facilitate connections and foster relationships.

The same policies in our student handbook apply to a digital learning environment (inclusive of plagiarism, harassment/bullying, language, etc.). Students need to use their school device, Schoology, school email, and other tools for school use only, and in ways that align with our behavioral guidelines. Any violations of these policies may result in school consequences. School devices, platforms, and programs are to be used for school purposes only. We provide these tools as a means to enhance the educational experience; they are not personal devices.


  • Schoology messages may be used to communicate with teachers and for student-to-student communication about school work.
  • Google Meet may be used for classes, small group collaboration about school work, or to talk with a teacher.
  • Teachers may record online virtual environments. Google Meet may be used to connect for social purposes only if a parent/teacher is present in the room and able to hear the conversation. If you are setting up a social session the name of the adult needs to be in the title. Students should review our best practices .
  • In middle school: YouTube will now be accessible on middle school iPads during the hours of 8 AM – 4 PM, Monday–Friday. Many professional organizations and educational groups have opted to use YouTube to host content that our teachers have discerned is valuable and necessary during this time of distance learning. Teachers using YouTube will instruct students to do work requiring YouTube during those hours, direct them that they may access only videos designated by teachers, and remind them that their use can be monitored by the school.


Lower School is IN-PERSON ✅

Middle School is IN-PERSON ✅

Upper School is IN-PERSON ✅

When to Stay Home

Students and faculty must not come to school if they display any symptoms or come into close contact with COVID-19. Please use our decision tree when determining whether or not to come to school.*

*MA follows guidelines from the MN Health Department for reporting contagious illnesses, please let the school know if your child has a contagious illness or if your family has had close-contact exposure to COVID-19.

[T]he partnership between home and school ... elevates our trusted relationship to a higher level.

Rev. Dr. Donna Harris, PresidentLetters from the President