Nordic Skiing


four high school girls getting ready to race on skis with ski poles



Minnehaha Nordic is about good fun, good sportsmanship, and good health, about appreciating the cold parts of God’s creation, about making friends, and about learning life’s lessons. 

When you join Minnehaha Nordic, you join a team that is supportive and caring and fun. Your coaches, teammates, and family members will cheer for you on the trail  – even if it's below zero! 

On the MA Nordic Ski team, everyone participates. There are no benches, no sidelines. If you want to race, you’ll be in a uniform and on the starting line! If you don’t feel ready, we’ll help you get to the point where you are.  

The Upper School skiers practice 5 days a week including Saturday mornings for a nice long ski in the woods. Middle school skiers can practice as little as two days a week if you’d like – just to try it out and see how you like it.  By being a part of the MA Nordic Ski Team, it will be difficult for you to determine the best part of being on the team: the ski trips, the ski trails, the ski races, or the ski friendships.  Join us! 

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Season: Winter

Grade Levels: 6-12



Britt Guild
Head Coach