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Yesterday, our Lower and Middle School students gathered in the gym to celebrate the recent Minnehaha Redhawk state championship titles earned in boys' and girls' basketball and boys' swimming.

The Upper School Boys' and Girls' Basketball teams and swimmer Andrew K, welcomed the students into the gym with a high-five tunnel before the fun and games began.

Athletic Director Josh Thurow introduced each team member and recognized their accomplishments. Jalen Suggs was also awarded Minnesota Player of the Year.

Lower and Middle School students competed against Upper School students in a contest where the Upper School student shot a basket and then the younger student had to copy the move using a smaller hoop.

All age levels competed against each other in a fast-paced game of knock out, with Girls' Basketball team member Mia winning the game.

Jalen and Chet competed in an entertaining dunk over contest, showcasing how much air they really can get!

The pep fest ended with everyone linking arms - Lower School students, Middle School students, Upper School students, teachers, and staff - for a time of prayer.

It was a great event and a fun way for our students to build community across age groups.

Special thanks to Steve Ramgren, Jim Nelson, and Carrie Johnson for sharing videos and photos.

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