Welcome, Alumni

Make Your Mark at Minnehaha Academy

Welcome, Alumni!

Every year, Minnehaha Academy alumni, families, and friends gather to mark significant reunions and our cherished Homecoming Weekend. Being a Minnehaha Academy alumnus signifies more than just a diploma; it's about shared experiences, lifelong bonds, and being a part of a unique legacy that resonates through generations. It's the perfect moment to rekindle those bonds with old friends and revisit the community that played such a pivotal role in shaping your own journey.

Reunions not only bring back memories but also offer an opportunity for you and your classmates to support Minnehaha Academy with your giving. So as you celebrate and have fun reminiscing, take a moment to make a meaningful difference at the same time!

For detailed information about your Class or Reunion, please refer to the information provided below.

The ‘class gift’ can be towards any of the below, and it can also be framed in memory of a classmate who has passed. 

Get Involved!

Class-specific event planning, like Reunions and Homecoming Weekend, is fun and rewarding work! As you fondly remember your years at Minnehaha Academy, if you are interested in becoming an alumni reunion committee member, please contact:

Nicole Sheldon, Alumni & Community Engagement Director
Phone: 612-728-7796
Email: sheldonnicole@minnehahaacademy.net

Connect with Us!

Be sure you sign up on our dedicated online Redhawk community at https://maalumni.net

Alternatively, take a few moments to connect with us and check out our opportunities to get involved with the wider Minnehaha community. Whether through our social media handles, an in-person tour, a phone call, or email we are interested in you and your stories since your time at Minnehaha. Stay connected and update us on your success stories, and allow us to update you on the latest happenings here at Minnehaha!

Phone: (612) 729-8321
Mail: Alumni & Community Relations
Minnehaha Academy
3100 West River Parkway
Minneapolis, MN 55406
Email: sheldonnicole@minnehahaacademy.net

Create Lasting Impact Through Giving!

Giving Opportunities