Two preschool students look through magnifying glasses during science class.

Curiosity Grows Here


Your child has a place at Minnehaha Academy. Here, your child will be set on a path of discovery, guided by passionate, early-childhood licensed teachers who cultivate a joy of learning.

Preschool classes for three and four-year-olds incorporate hands-on, interactive activities to develop and grow reading and mathematical thinking skills using the latest research in brain-based learning. Using the innovative Creative Curriculum in conjunction with the SMART program, our highly-trained teachers work closely with each child to ensure they are poised for success as they move on to kindergarten.

Exploration in science, technology, engineering and math are vital to your child’s early learning experiences at Minnehaha Academy. Your child will also reap the benefit of engaging in music, library, and chapel once per week. Our students also have two recess periods per day.

Your child will feel secure, confident and valued in our nurturing environment. A low student-to-teacher ratio ensures that your child will be known, cared for and set on a path of lifelong discovery and learning.

"Teachers exemplify passion with a purpose in their interactions with our children, each other and the overall community. I truly believe that their goal is to make each child the best version of themselves."

 Parents of Lower and Middle School children

Academic Readiness & Learning Through Play

We believe play is central for children as they are developing their imagination, self-confidence, creativity and problem solving. Preschool is a dynamic time for young learners, and our students participate in developmentally appropriate opportunities, acquiring new skills every day. Minnehaha Academy’s preschool program emphasizes social development and kindergarten readiness, foundational for future learning.

Through observation, our highly-skilled teachers monitor each child’s progress and provide experiences and materials for further exploration and development. They actively foster a love of learning and encourage the children to become independent, self-confident and inquisitive learners.

Using hands-on learning centers, children experiment with science, math, language, art, music and early literacy. Our early childhood teachers create a rich, engaging environment, providing opportunities for young learners to interact with blocks, manipulative games, creative dramatics, stories, puppet shows, caring for pets, cooking and sensory experiences. Our students grow socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually and leave our preschool well prepared for kindergarten.

Minnehaha Academy has the most amazing teachers and a warm, loving environment, and my children are challenged academically every day."

Parent of two Lower School children

Brain Boosting SMART Program

Preschool and Kindergarten children at Minnehaha Academy benefit from current brain research in our SMART program. Each day they have fun moving their bodies in specific activities that challenge their visual, motor, auditory, sensory, and proprioceptive systems – ultimately boosting their brain power. 

Family Engagement

Parents are active partners in their child’s learning at Minnehaha Academy. Numerous events and activities are planned throughout the year for parents and children, including concerts, art shows, and other fun events. Preschool families are encouraged to participate in school-wide events, such as Praise Fest, Homecoming and Service Night.

Our preschool teachers welcome informal communication on a daily basis and are also available through email or phone. Each teacher has a classroom website and sends out a weekly newsletter. There are three formal parent-teacher conferences a year.

Preschool Programs

Additional Information

  • Our 10 students to 1 adult ratio ensures personal attention for each student
  • Our program complies with the licensing standards set by the Minnesota Department of Human Services.
  • Highly qualified, licensed teachers with Early Childhood certifications.
  • Students must be three- or four-years-old by September 1 to enroll in preschool.
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