Fine Arts

At Minnehaha, every student is an artist.  In Middle School, students choose from yearlong programs in choir, band, and strings, along with classes in art, drama, and general music. These courses prepare students for the many Upper School arts opportunities available in choral groups, bands, orchestra, and theater, as well as visual arts classes in drawing and painting, graphic design, photography, film, sculpture, and ceramics. Arts thrive at Minnehaha – and so do our artists.

The Artist Within

Fine Arts at Minnehaha is about more than fostering talent. Students build confidence under the guidance of a caring and talented Fine Arts faculty. These highly skilled teachers provide training in the creative process as they encourage students’ creative expression. The curriculum, while integrating Christian faith and learning, is designed to develop skills and techniques required for life-long artistic achievement.


Choir, orchestra, band, jazz band - opportunities expand in Middle School! Your child may participate in a musical group that fits with their interests or try out a new instrument. 


There is a place for everyone in our Middle School theatre program. Students have the opportunity to participate in the multiple roles available in the theatre department. From lighting to sound, set design to performing on stage, your child can discover new skills and expand their interests.

Visual Arts

Drawing, painting, sculpture, interactive arts - there are a variety of classes for your growing artists to take at Minnehaha Academy. 

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