Middle School (Grades 6-8)

Middle School is unlike any other time—it’s exciting and full of possibilities and growth. At Minnehaha Academy, you will be encouraged to develop a sense of curiosity through learning experiences that foster independence, critical thinking, and exploration.

You'll uncover your passions and faith through new challenges in academics, fine artsathletics, and co-curricular activities, while being surrounded by a caring and supportive community. You will develop lifelong friendships and you will be surrounded by teachers who are rooted in their faith. 

"Minnehaha is one of the greatest blessings in my life. Instead of being swallowed up in a big school, I am in a place where all of my teachers care about me as an individual."

Middle School Student

Middle School student in the classroom

Transformational Learning

In Middle School, you will engage in coursework that is intentionally designed to help you build community, develop your academic strengths, explore your faith, and begin to identify your gifts. Transformational learning happens in the classroom every day and through curated experiences that will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in topics of interest. For example: You might discover why white nose syndrome is affecting bats in Minnesota, research the type of housing that keeps bats healthy, and then build bat houses to these specifications.

Fields of Study

Minnehaha’s rigorous Middle School curriculum will help cultivate your potential, while teachers identify and support your individual needs. The classes you take will give you a strong foundation for success in later grades. Our expert teachers love Middle School students and want to see you succeed. They will get to know you as a person and a student, and will provide you with opportunities inside and outside the classroom so you can develop your gifts.

You'll have the opportunity to choose from a variety of core courses as well as electives. These courses are designed to build on skills you learned in previous grades and will give you the opportunity to hone your skills and make new discoveries. Read below to discover what classes are like at MA.

Two Middle School Girls

Top 6 FAQ

  1. Is it easy for new students to make friends? 
    There are lots of students that join us for Middle School, so you won't be the only new person in your grade! Teachers are intentional about helping students develop a strong community of peers and teachers. And, we always recommend joining a club or sport. It's a fantastic way to try something new and meet a group of friends.
  2. How will I be supported socially and emotionally?
    You'll be part of an Advisory group that will cover a variety of topics, including growing your social and emotional skills. In addition, we offer a comprehensive Counseling program that is designed with the needs of Middle School students in mind. Learn more about the Counseling Program.
  3. What is Advisory?
    We're glad you asked! Advisory is a small group (10-12) of students led by a teacher that meets daily. Your Advisory group will change each year. In Advisory you'll attend chapel, participate in fun games, strengthen your social-emotional skills, and have time to do schoolwork. Your Advisor is your advocate and is there to support you.
  4. What's a typical class size?
    Class sizes vary, but generally have 16-20 students in them.
  5. How would you describe the classroom environment? 
    The best way to get a sense for the learning environment is by taking a tour.  However, what we hear from families is how impressed they are with the calm, quiet environment and the natural light from our big windows. Cell phones aren't allowed in school and students are held to high behavioral standards. 
  6. Do we get to attend chapel?
    Absolutely! Chapel is held weekly, and is something that you attend with your Advisory group. If you love music or performance, you can get involved in chapel throughout the year. Our Leadership Institute program has fantastic opportunities for you to lead worship, plan music, and more!

Middle School Athletics & Clubs

“You can play sports AND be in music or art, or the school play, too.” Almost all of our Middle School students participate in an extra-curricular activity.

  • In athletics, our coaches welcome athletes at every ability level, from beginner to advanced. All students who attend practices regularly and give their best efforts will participate in athletic contests. Learn more about our athletic offerings.
  • Clubs run throughout the year at Minnehaha Academy. They are a great way to pursue an interest and meet friends! Check out our clubs. 

There aren't enough words to express Minnehaha Academy's excellence. It is an exceptional school that delivers top-notch education not only focused on the intellectual, but also the spiritual and physical well-being of students.

 Our 3 boys have attended MA for the last 7 years. They are known by their names, loved, cherished, and are provided a supportive environment to grow. As a family, Minnehaha is welcoming and partners with us to support our kids. We feel that we are part of this this big loving family with the school. We recommend enrolling your kids in Minnehaha Academy today!"

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