Middle School (Grades 6-8)

At Minnehaha Academy we see the light that shines in each of our students.

Middle School is unlike any other time—it’s exciting and full of possibilities and growth. At Minnehaha Academy, your child will be encouraged to develop a sense of curiosity through learning experiences that foster independence, critical thinking, and exploration.

Students uncover their passions and faith through new challenges in academics, fine artsathletics, and co-curricular activities, while being surrounded by a caring and supportive community.

"Minnehaha is one of the greatest blessings in my life. Instead of being swallowed up in a big school, I am in a place where all of my teachers care about me as an individual. The Minnehaha community supports and facilitates my personal accomplishments and academic successes."

Middle School Graduate


Minnehaha’s rigorous Middle School curriculum cultivates the potential in each student, while teachers identify and support individual needs. Whether it’s learning geography in phy-ed or history lessons in art, interdisciplinary learning takes place throughout all curricular areas. The classes you take will give you a strong foundation for success in later grades. Our expert teachers love Middle School students and want to see you succeed. They will get to know you as a person and a student, and will provide you with opportunities inside and outside the classroom so you can develop your gifts.

Transformational Learning

In Middle School, you will engage in coursework that are intentionally designed to help you build community, develop your academic strengths, explore your faith, and begin to identify your gifts. Transformational learning happens in the classroom every day and through curated experiences that will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in topics of interest. For example: You might discover why white nose syndrome is affecting bats in Minnesota, research the type of housing that keeps bats healthy, and then build bat houses to these specifications. Learn more about Transformational Learning

Pathways for Learning 

STEM, Fine Arts, and Leadership are key components to the Minnehaha experience. We offer opportunities in these fields that will help you grow skills or explore something new. What you learn in Middle School will translate to bigger opportunities in high school. For example, in Middle School you can participate in the Leadership Institute, discover tech in the Genius Team, compete in Lego League, perform in multiple ensembles, and explore engineering in 3-D printing and robotics. 

Course Options 

In the Middle School, you'll have the opportunity to chose from a variety of core courses as well as electives. These courses are designed to build on skills you learned in previous grades and will give you the opportunity to hone your skills and make new discoveries. See current course options

"The education that Minnehaha provides at the Middle School level absolutely sets students up for success in High School." -Allison T, Parent

Fields of Study

Caring Culture

Within our nurturing community, you will develop lifelong friendships and you will be surrounded by teachers who are rooted in their faith. 

At Minnehaha Academy, students are encouraged to ask hard questions about anything, including their Christian faith. 

Our Christian distinction is real, not a facade. We integrate faith into every relationship and demonstrate that faith by loving one another and showing each other grace and mercy.

Career Exploration

Throughout their time in Middle School, students begin to explore potential careers under the guidance of their Advisory teacher. 

Middle Schoolers complete interest inventories, research careers, explore the intersection of personality and career, and consider personal strengths and weaknesses.

As eighth graders, they prepare a poster presentation on a career that they give to parents and younger students during the career fair. 

Character Development

We emphasize personal responsibility as we help determine the right blend of student independence and parental and staff support. Our goal is to prepare the whole teen – intellectually, emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually – for high school and also help them learn how to make sound decisions after graduation.

It can be tough to be a teenager, so Minnehaha Academy provides comprehensive guidance and support to prevent adolescents from “falling though the cracks.”

Each Middle School student belongs to a small advisory group that meets daily for 30 minutes. Teacher–advisors serve as advocates, ensuring that students are on-track for growth and success.

Advisory activities include schoolwork monitoring, devotions, chapel attendance and follow-up, and instructional and exploratory events concerning personal, social, and study skills development. Teacher–advisors hold weekly meetings among colleagues to exchange information and insight, and to provide support on behalf of students.


In Middle School, 87% of students participate on an athletic team. Minnehaha welcomes athletes at every ability level, from novice to champion. All students who attend practices regularly and give their best efforts will participate in athletic contests. Learn more about our athletic offerings.

Clubs & Activities

Minnehaha Academy students don’t just excel in the classroom and community. They also shine in the fine arts, athletics, and activities.

Despite our small class sizes, we offer a host of extracurricular activities for your child. Take a closer look:

Middle School Highlights

  • 2/3 of Middle School faculty hold advanced degrees
  • World languages include Latin, Spanish, and French
  • Design, robotics and engineering curriculum provides strong STEM foundation
  • 87% of students participate in athletics; students are encouraged to try any from the 16 offerings
  • 84% participate in performing arts including band, orchestra, choir and theater
  • Our community is 33% students of color
  • Students and faculty represent 30 denominational backgrounds
  • Weekly chapel service features music, drama, film, and speakers

What do Middle Schoolers say about Minnehaha Academy?

  • “Classmates are extremely nice and really look out for one another.”

  • “You can play sports AND be in music or art, or the school play, too.”
  • “School lunches are awesome (and nutritious).”
  • “Your teachers really like you, so much that they get together every day to pray for you. They chose Middle School for a reason, and that is because they really like middle schoolers.”
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