Minnehaha Leadership Institute

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Developing servant leaders who use their gifts to glorify God and bring good to their neighbor.

Every student is uniquely gifted to make a valuable contribution to our community. We walk alongside students at MA to help develop and encourage those gifts!  One of the ways we foster these gifts is through the Minnehaha Academy Leadership Institute (MLI). The MLI is a program specifically designed for Middle and Upper School students who want to deepen their leadership skills.

Middle School Leadership Tracks

In the Middle School Leadership Institute, Middle Schoolers have the opportunity to develop habits and attitudes that foster a leadership mindset. 

Through the program, MLI students will discover that they have the power to positively influence their community of peers. They will also learn how to their unique gifts can be shared to benefit the entire community. 

In the Middle School MLI program,  students can participate through these four cohorts:

  • Service Cohort- Because you can make a difference: Students plan and lead Middle School service opportunities. They identify needs and select service opportunities and engage the Middle School in a culture of service.
  • Chapel Cohort- Because your voice matters (7th and 8th Grade): Students plan and lead weekly Chapel through reading scripture, leading prayer, and planning experiences in order to develop student ownership and engagement.
  • Worship Cohort- Because you are a beauty creator: These students help lead weekly Chapel worship by helping to select and play music. This cohort also requires weekly rehearsal times.
  • Celebration Cohort- Because we all belong: Students plan and host Middle School activities, and they build school spirit by supporting Redhawk Rallies. They work together to develop a culture of celebration and belonging for all middle schoolers. 

"The best leadership is servant leadership.... Servant leadership means being willing to get your hands dirty yourself and work hard.... Servant leadership means knowing the people you work with and the people you serve personally, and caring about them. Servant leaders give their life away for the good of others or the good of a mission - they don’t exist to glorify themselves."

- Leadership Intern

Upper School Leadership Tracks

In the Upper School's Minnehaha Leadership Institute (MLI), three tracks are available for students who apply for admission into the program. Each track is led by a Minnehaha Academy faculty or staff member who is committed to developing students into whole and holy people through thoughtful curriculum and activities.

Upper School students will meet in their tracks (cohorts) once or twice a month in the morning before school for breakfast to have conversations, share stories, and learn. Cohorts will be a community of learners and provide opportunities for fellowship and mentorship.


  • Build a Community of Faithful Leaders 
    MLI students join a leadership track. Cohorts meet twice a month to study, ask questions, and explore a theme in the leadership curriculum. 

  • Leadership in Action 
    Each student has opportunities to practice fellowship, hospitality, and community building in the leadership cohorts on stage, sports teams, in the classroom, and around the school. Student leaders design and implement school and community events for their peers throughout the year. 

  • Meaningful Mentorship (Fellows Track)
    Each Upper School Fellow has a mentor and meets with them regularly. Mentors will help students explore questions and guide them through the leadership program. 

Upper School Community Leadership students collaborate on a clothing drive for Arrive Ministries

Development Opportunities

  • School and Community Leadership Experiences (Middle and Upper School)
  • Regular Meetings with MLI Faculty (Middle and Upper School)
  • Fall and Winter Retreats (Upper School)
  • Summer Development Trips (Upper School)
  • Mentorships (Upper School)

Leadership In Action

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