Community Formation Experience (CFE) Week

Group photo of CFE trip in Vietnam.

Uniquely Minnehaha: Community Formation Experience

An opportunity unlike any other, Community Formation Experiences are transformative. During CFE Week your child will have the chance to dive into an area of high-interest while they learn and grow with peers. Your child will integrate classroom learning with field work, creating beautiful, professional quality work that impacts people beyond the walls of the school. This week-long intensive is a significant part of Minnehaha's Transformed Learning.

4 Elements of a Community Formation Experience

Each Community Formation Experience includes these four components:

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High School CFE

In March, students in grades 9, 10, and 11 participate in a week-long on-site learning intensive called Community Formation Experience Week (CFE). These transformative experiences are designed to instill wisdom, compassion, respect and understanding that prepare Minnehaha students for an increasingly global society. 

Ninth Grade CFE

Ninth grade students have the opportunity to participate in Faith Formation Retreat at Covenant Pines Bible Camp. During their time at Covenant Pines, ninth graders have the opportunity to build deeper friendships with classmates and dive into their faith. 

Tenth & Eleventh Grade CFE

During this week, students travel around the city, country, and world; and are immersed in communities and cultures other than their own. They dive into real-life learning opportunities in the hopes that they will gain increased wisdom, compassion, respect, and understanding that will prepare them to be global citizens. The goal of this experience is to promote an understanding of another person’s life experiences and point of view and to provide students opportunities to discover their God-given gifts. Students earn academic credit for this experience. Seniors are welcome to participate in this program if they choose.

Four students dive in the ocean at Roatan

“This trip has been an eye-opening experience. Not only have I learned about the environment and culture in Andros, but I have also grown personally, emotionally, and spiritually. I came on this trip not knowing most of the kids in our group, but I am leaving with an entirely new perspective about all of them. It is truly amazing.” 

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