Fine Arts

Over-the-shoulder photo of a student playing violin.


In High School, students have opportunities to excel in choral groups, bands, orchestra and theater. Our extensive visual arts program includes drawing and painting, graphic design, photography, film, sculpture, and ceramics. The arts are thriving at Minnehaha – and so are our artists.

Minnehaha’s Fine Arts program has long been celebrated for its excellence. Performing groups involve students at every age and experience level. The school calendar is filled with concerts and theater events throughout the year. More than half of our students take part in these programs. Minnehaha Academy also arranges national and international touring experiences for students.


Students take a bow at a performance of %22Godspell%22.

The Artist Within

Being part of Fine Arts at Minnehaha is not just about fostering talent. It’s about experiencing art, enjoying art, and developing an appreciation for art that will last a lifetime. Students gain from the instruction and inspiration of highly trained and skilled faculty. The curriculum is designed to foster self-worth and creative expression as it integrates faith and learning.

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