Cultural Field Experience

Group photo of CFE trip in Vietnam.

In March, students in grades 9 through 11 participate in a weeklong on-site learning experience called Cultural Field Experience. During this week, students are exposed to people and communities that are different from their own. The goal of this experience is to promote an understanding of another person’s life experiences and point of view and to provide students opportunities to discover their God-given gifts. Students earn academic credit for this experience.

CFE experiences instill wisdom, compassion, respect and understanding that prepare Minnehaha students for an increasingly global society.

The intentions of real-life learning are to:

  • Educate students with an understanding of another’s life and point of view

  • Equip students with tools to discover their God-given gifts

  • Engage students in experiences in order to become compassionate and globally-minded citizens

  • Empower students with a willingness to give of themselves in service to God and others


All the stories that were shared were nothing that [we were] used to. The communities that we went to opened our eyes to see different perspectives of the world, and different peoples’ way of life.”

Grade 10 student



High School students go all over the city, country, and world to be immersed in communities and cultures other than their own. They dive into real-life learning opportunities in the hopes that they will gain increased wisdom, compassion, respect and understanding to prepare them to be global citizens.

Past CFE Experiences

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