A middle school girl works on graphing in science class

Whether just starting preschool or ready to take on Upper School, your child will
participate in classes that are hands-on, relevant, and designed to ignite the thrill of
learning and discovery that can last a lifetime. What does exceptional academics mean
for your child at Minnehaha? It means that your child will be in a class designed to
not just meet the education standards set by the state of Minnesota—but to use those
standards as a platform to launch into authentic and complex academic experiences.

Authentic Learning

Your child will be engaged in coursework that has real-life
implications. Your child might uncover the research, math, and marketing that is
involved in running a business when they open a real cafe in the school. Perhaps
math will come alive as they work with a cheese maker in France to determine profit
margins. Learning the craft of non-fiction writing and argumentation takes on new
importance when your child meets with state legislators to present environmental
concerns. This authentic learning is what engages students. They dig in and their
studies come to life.

Innovation & Creativity

Academic challenges require creativity and innovation.
Whether your child is in Lower School completing a design challenge in the Innovation Lab or in Upper School developing an experiment headed to the International Space Station, your child will be encouraged to take academic risks.

Love of Learning

When your child’s desire to learn is internalized, that’s when the
real fun begins. We see children tackle projects with excitement and a sense that
discovery is in reach. When children love to learn, they look forward to the school day
and exert effort in their work that shines with enthusiasm and an understanding that
what they are doing matters.

Learn more about academics in each of our schools: Preschool, Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School.

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