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Uniquely Minnehaha: Transformative Learning

It's more than hands-on, experiential learning. It's more than project-based learning. It's more than a Bible verse linked to a lesson. It's more than just doing good. It's all of these things, yes, but it's much more.

With over 100 years of experience with educating children, we know what it takes to foster passionate, engaged students who love to learn and are inspired by the world around them. We know that:

  • Kids learn best when they understand how what they are learning is relevant to what is happening in the outside world. 
  • When kids care about what they are learning, they can't help but dive deep into topics. 
  • When kids are encouraged to find and grow their talents and gifts, they can't help but shine.
  • When kids understand who they are, who they were created to be, and the skills they can share with the world they will make an impact in our ever-changing world.

Our children...have absolutely received an outstanding education, which has translated into successful college years as well. It's a fabulous place for students to reach their potential. -Parent

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Faculty to Student Ratio

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of Faculty Participate in Annual Professional Development

3 Key Elements of Transformative Learning

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Pathways for Learning

Students can uncover their potential by participating in a variety of experiences in STEM, Fine Arts, and Leadership. There are many opportunities for your child's gifts to develop, and one experience may lead to something new and exciting.

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Faith in Learning

Students learn to link their faith with learning. Teachers bring this learning to life using four powerful teaching tools that connect students to God's bigger story and their role in it.

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Core Formation Experiences

Curated experiences for students build on the strengths of each student, offering a deep dive into areas of interest and ensuring each child grows and flourishes in new and exciting ways.

I absolutely loved Minnehaha. In addition to top academics, athletics, and arts, the Minnehaha community is caring, nurturing, and unparalleled in private school education. During my time, I was both challenged and supported by my peers, and was given every opportunity and more to succeed. -Alum

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