Transformation through Deeper Learning

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Distinctive PK-12 Programming

With each new generation of students, Minnehaha Academy strives to meet the needs of its diverse learners. By fostering a Christ-centered community where students are challenged, nurtured, and prepared to be leaders of tomorrow, we know that students can thrive. At Minnehaha, we believe the development of every aspect of a child’s life is critical in ensuring each student reaches their God-given potential. Schools today are challenged to remain relevant, keeping the evolving needs of students, families, and our society at the forefront. Innovative programming, flexible use of time and space, experiential learning, and student agency ensures that students are well equipped to navigate life with confidence, creativity, curiosity, and humility.

Minnehaha Academy will broaden its exceptional academic and co‑curricular experiences for students to explore and deepen their learning, so that students produce purposeful, authentic, and beautiful work that prepares them for college and future vocation.

Minnehaha will:

  • Create K-12 curricular specialty program pathways that align with student interests, proficiencies, and giftedness.

  • Research, develop, brand, and implement a full intensives curricular program in grades 6-12.

  • Leverage new learnings, acquired expertise, and growth to determine potential flexible educational models.

  • Develop systems and comprehensive professional development plans aligned to the individual academic and social-emotional support and enrichment needs of current and future students.

  • Enhance the collection and use of data to plan instruction, enrich student support, and inform curriculum and program development.

Vibrant Faith Formation

Research suggests that graduates from Christian schools where faith formation is practiced have the highest levels of sense of purpose and gratitude, are more likely to feel they have direction in life and are confident in their abilities to deal with life’s problems. They also tend to have strong and positive relationships, a sense of obligation to others, and strong civic engagement (Cardus, 2011). Other studies suggest that resiliency of faith is connected to closeness with and joy in Christ, a Bible perspective in navigating a complex culture and reliance on God’s power, an acknowledgment of and living out God’s calling, the forging of meaningful intergenerational relationships (Barna, 2019). At Minnehaha, we recognize our role in inviting people to know God’s love, encouraging hearts and minds to trust and follow Jesus, and inspiring lives of servant leadership as we discover our unique potential in sharing our God-given gifts with the world. Because faith formation is an ongoing process through the work of God’s Spirit, Minnehaha seeks to deepen its partnership with God by committing to nurturing faith formation in tangible and measurable ways for God’s glory.

Through the integration of Christian faith and learning, all constituents will actively participate in God’s story, learning and leading with their head, heart, and hands, while growing in wisdom, stature, and favor with God and others.  Students will develop into servant leaders who impact our neighborhood and extended communities.

Minnehaha will:

  • Deepen and strengthen the Teaching for Transformation initiative (TfT - framework for the development of authentic learning experiences that are grounded in a Christian worldview with a focus on seeing and living God's story) for all faculty and develop leadership tools to support and evaluate TfT implementation.
  • Enhance and broaden student leadership development beyond high school to include strands for PK-8 students and staff.
  • Follow Christ’s example and teachings to ensure the inherent honor and dignity of all students and families at Minnehaha is preserved, by strengthening the cultural competency of all, and with humility, be a bridge to close racial divides.

Strategic Plan Focus Areas

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