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Letter from the President and Board Chair

President Donna Harris
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The backdrop of the design of Minnehaha Academy’s strategic plan was the embrace of opportunity birthed from tragedy followed by a crippling pandemic. This transformational work is God-led and pushes the School beyond its current reality. Minnehaha’s story of faith, courage, and resilience readied our school community to chart our future with a spirit of optimism and unity.  God has inspired a bold and ambitious vision —He indeed is doing new things (Isaiah 43:19).

Minnehaha Academy has been steadfastly anchored to its mission and core values for well over a century; our legacy is rich and reflected in the lives of our alumni who leave indelible marks in the areas in which they have been led to serve. With the development of the whole child as our core emphasis, high-quality education integrating Christian faith and learning is Minnehaha’s vehicle for ensuring students grow in wisdom, stature, and in favor with God and others. Our aspirational outcomes are that students will be well prepared for their future endeavors, have a clear vision of their roles in making a positive and enduring impact in the world, and navigate life’s joys and challenges with love, wisdom, and grace.

This strategic plan expands our vision of growth, transformation, and increased Kingdom impact and responds to today’s context. Solutions for turbulent economic, social, environmental, and political headwinds rests in competent and caring people who envision a role for themselves in solving complex human and world issues and shifting the trajectory of disillusionment to one of hope. Therefore, the goals of the plan focus on cultivating servant leadership, intellectual curiosity, creativity, empathy, and cultural competence in students. It is responsive to our desire to attract, retain, and support the highest-quality talent who learn and grow through the building of rich educational experiences to challenge students toward excellence. It supports future-focused teaching and learning infrastructures and incorporates plans to ensure long-term financial sustainability.

We are excited to share with you how Minnehaha Academy will innovate, remain relevant, and explore new paradigms while remaining faithful to our mission and honoring our legacy.

Rev. Donna Harris, Ed.D

Marc Belton
Board Chair, Board of Trustees