President's Welcome

Portrait of Minnehaha Academy President Rev Dr Donna Harris

Choosing a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a parent. My husband Rick and I have five children. We chose various schools, both public and private, based on their God-given talents and their unique needs. I believe in fit, and every institution is not a fit for every child. But when you find the right fit, your child not only learns but thrives.

At Minnehaha Academy, for over a century, we’ve emphasized rigorous academics and Christian values, believing that God calls us to excellence. We strive to honor the tradition of who we are and assume the posture that we will never “arrive,” as we continue to enroll new generations of students who are uniquely gifted for a rapidly changing world.

We are proud of our class offerings, programs and extracurricular activities. But it’s humbling to regularly hear stories about the impact of our teachers and administrators on students long after they’ve graduated from our school. One student recounted through tears how, after a rough fall semester, he was encouraged and supported by students and teachers, which pulled him through and left an indelible impression that still exists today. That student only attended Minnehaha Academy for his senior year. Whether you’re a lifer – from preschool through high school – or you’ve attended for a year, there’s a genuineness in our community that resonates and sticks with our students. We don’t just say that we’re a community that cares, we really are a community that cares.

At Minnehaha Academy, our Christian distinctive is real, not a facade. It’s not about forcing a Bible verse into every lesson plan. It’s integrating faith into every relationship, between teachers and students, administrators and parents, and demonstrating faith by showing one another grace and mercy, even in situations of discipline or disagreement. It’s about connecting subject matter to what God cares about and it’s about creating a safe place for students to ask hard questions about Christian faith. It’s a living and moving faith that is ever-present.

As parents, we desire for our students to be prepared for whatever is next, and we want to place them in a nurturing environment where they can discover, explore and develop their gifts, inside and outside the classroom. We seek to support the whole child so they’ll reach their utmost potential to impact communities locally and globally. We hope that you will visit our campuses to gain a sense of our loving community and our enthusiasm for quality education. Thank you for your interest in Minnehaha Academy. We look forward to meeting you.


Donna Harris, Ed.D.

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