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2019 Hall of Fame 

GuidoKauls Hall of Fame Winner

Guido Kauls
2019 Distinguished Faculty

Guido Kauls was born in Latvia and came to Minnesota from Germany when he was 17 years old. He earned two bachelor’s degrees and a master’s degree at the University of Minnesota and began to teach German at Minnehaha Academy in 1957.  The next summer, he became an American citizen in June, and in August married Ann Franklin, an English teacher at Minnehaha Academy. Guido went on to teach some history, but mostly German, for 44 years at Minnehaha. Together with his wife, Ann, he led 30 different groups of students and adults on European tours.  Guido had an impact on thousands of students in his 44 years at the School, through teaching, leadership of the German Club, and in 40 years as a soccer coach.

Herr Kauls had a distinct reputation as a teacher: he was strict, and he had high expectations. He was not warm and fuzzy, but his students knew that he cared about them. His style of teaching was formal, but he adapted well to new methodologies, like the Language Lab that was introduced in 1964.  Students especially appreciated his leadership of the German Club, which included “fun” German things, like games and dances. (“Folk dancing” was the only kind of dancing allowed in Guido’s time at Minnehaha!) In 1967, Guido initiated the Amity program at Minnehaha, welcoming native speakers from foreign countries to assist in world language classes. The Amity program is still active today.

Herr Kauls expected a great deal from his students and he got it, which is not easy to do year after year with high school students. I believe my performance, and that of other students, ultimately rested in the respect and affinity that came from knowing that Herr Kauls truly loved you, which naturally made you want to do well. To be sure, there was a certain amount of fear that you’d be found out to have been irresponsible, to have, for example, come to class with incomplete homework; something for which you would be told to leave the classroom and return only after it was done. Responsibility was an unwavering expectation and if you had the choice between two assignments, only one of which you could complete, you can be sure German won out every time. Herr Kauls expected the best of you, which was something you knew you should expect of yourself, so you’d work to live up to that. It’s always easier to work with a language on paper but from the requirement of speaking only German in class to exams which were essentially exercises in improv comedy, Herr Kauls achieved something beyond technical proficiency with his students. We loved the language, which was what I think he wanted all along. –Chris Pope ‘87

Brian Anderson, Hall of Fame 2019

Dr. Brian Anderson, '77
2019 Distinguished Alumnus

Brian majored in physics, mathematics, and religion at Augsburg University, then earned a PhD in physics at the University of Minnesota. He taught physics at Augsburg for two years and then completed a post-doc at the Applied Physics Laboratory in Maryland.  After four years, he transitioned to staff, and currently holds the position of Principal Professional Staff Physicist. The Applied Physics Laboratory is one of the nation’s leading centers designing, building, and operating specialized spacecraft for some of the nation’s most challenging missions including the first mission to put a spacecraft in orbit at the planet Mercury, the first mission to visit Pluto, and the first mission to fly close enough to the Sun to understand the physics that drive the solar wind and solar storms. Brian’s roles have included basic science research, instrument development and flight operations, and science team leadership, all related to the measurement of magnetic fields.

Brian now works with a constellation of 70 satellites in Earth’s orbit called the ‘Iridium Constellation’ that was originally launched in the late 90’s for satellite telephones. The satellites carry magnetometers that sense the electric currents responsible for the aurora, which allows scientists to track how the Earth’s solar wind interaction varies and how dynamic it is during geo-magnetic storms, which affects GPS navigation, satellite drag, and communications. Brian has received funding from the National Science Foundation and has worked with commercial companies to share their data for the benefit of science. He has worked on this project for more than 20 years and as a result, the data provide a new resource for the entire worldwide community of scientists to track and understand the effects of solar storms on Earth.

Throughout his life, Brian has been active as a singer, having first learned choral singing at Minnehaha Academy. He was active in both church choir and community choruses in the Twin Cities before moving to Maryland and has continued to sing in church choirs and choruses in the DC area. In addition, he has served as both council president and council member at his church.  

Brian and his wife, Leeann Rock, live in Mount Airy, Maryland. 

Britt Erickson 2019 Hall of Fame

Dr. Britt Erickson ‘99

2019 Up & Coming Alumna

After graduating from Minnehaha, Britt studied physics and chemistry at North Park University in Chicago.  After a year of international work in Haiti, she went to the Mayo Clinic Medical School.  She pursued further medical training in Chicago, IL and Birmingham, AL, before returning home to Minnesota where she serves as doctor of Gynecologic Oncology at the University of Minnesota Medical Center. Gynecologic Oncology is a field of medicine that specializes in women with cancers of the uterus, cervix and ovary. In her practice, Britt works primarily as a surgeon but also coordinates chemotherapy and end of life care as well.  She feels it is a privilege to take care of patients at a time in their life when they are very vulnerable.  “I see myself as their guide through their cancer journey.”  She also serves as a faculty advisor to many students and residents at the University of Minnesota Medical School as they prepare for a career in medicine. She is a nationally known researcher in the field of early detection and prevention of gynecologic cancer.

Gordon Olson Hall of Fame 2019

Gordon Olson, Choir Director ‘85-’99

2019 Fine Arts Hall of Fame

Gordon Olson was the choir director at Minnehaha from 1985-1999.  After graduating from North Park College, he felt called to make a difference in the lives of young people through the power of choral music. During his tenure at Minnehaha he started the Madrigal Singers and the tradition of the Madrigal Dinner. After the tragic death of his son in Africa, he and his wife Betty founded Lutheran Partners in Global Ministry, serving the needs of people all over the world.  He retired from teaching to pursue mission work full time, but remained faithful to Minnehaha by helping to plan the 2002 chapel and gymnasium addition to Minnehaha’s Upper School.

Rob Warn Hall of Fame

Rob Warn ‘96

2019 Athletics Hall of Fame

Rob Warn, who began playing tennis through the Urban Tennis Program at Lake Nokomis, earned 8 varsity letters at Minnehaha.  He appeared at the Tennis State Tournament each year of his high school career, taking 2nd place both his sophomore and junior year, and winning the state title as a senior.  Rob was a fierce competitor but was also a great sportsman and earned the respect of both players and coaches.  He went on to attend and play tennis for four years at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. 

Rob was admired among his classmates for being a great athlete but also a huge Redhawk supporter, cheering on classmates in tennis and in all the other sports. His coach, Mark Norlander, says that Rob was a pleasure to coach because even as an accomplished player, he was ready to listen to advice and learn.

Rob graduated from Notre Dame in 2000 with a degree in Accountancy and has worked for Arthur Andersen and Deloitte. He is currently Vice President of Finance, working within the Pharmacy business at Optum. 

Rob, his wife, and his aspiring tennis-playing son live in Minnetonka. Rob still regularly gets together with his high school classmates, which is a testament to the strong bonds that are created at Minnehaha. “Looking back, it still amazes me what a fantastic group of teachers, coaches and staff Minnehaha has that help prepare students for the challenges they face after high school and beyond. I have many fond memories of my time there.”

Mark Norlander Hall of Fame 2019

Mark Norlander
2019 Athletics Hall of Fame

Mark Norlander coached both girls’ and boys’ tennis at Minnehaha Academy, totaling more than 50 seasons between the two.  Known as a coach who saw tennis as “more than just winning,” he encouraged his players to succeed while building friendships and creating community.  He was especially admired for delivering his advice with a keen sense of humor.  Mark coached more than 400 athletes at Minnehaha Academy, sending several individuals and one team to the State Tennis Tournament.  Six of his players earned State Titles under his direction.  Prior to coaching at Minnehaha, he coached tennis at Bethel College. In addition to coaching, Mark also taught French at Minnehaha Academy for 30 years.

One of his players, Rob Warn, who won the Singles State Championship in 1996 and is also being inducted into the Hall of Fame today, said, “Mark Norlander was always a very well-liked coach across all the players on the team. He understood the game deeply and provided useful counsel that was easy to implement on the court. Best of all, he was always a calming presence that could get the best out of his teams using a positive message. Thank you, Mark, for being a great coach to me and all of the Redhawks that played for you!”

Softball 2019 Hall of Fame

2009 Softball Team
2019 Athletics Hall of Fame

The 2009 Minnehaha Academy softball team was the first softball team in school history to make it to the Minnesota State Softball tournament. With an 11-1 record in Tri-Metro Conference play that season, they earned a share of the conference title and then went on to win the Section 4AA Championship with an exciting 4-3 victory over St. Anthony Village. At the State tournament the Redhawks won close games over Mound-Westonka and Pipestone to make it to the State Championship game against Hermantown. Minnehaha finished the outstanding season with a 21-5 overall record and took 2nd place in the Class AA Tournament. In this accomplished season, the team had more than 200 hits, scored more than 200 runs, and stole more than 100 bases. Four players on that team, Emily Engdahl, AnnaMarie Martino, Liz Mrozek, and Sarah Winter earned the distinction of being in the 100 career hit club for the Redhawks. All-State honors that season went to Emily Engdahl, AnnaMarie Martino, and Liz Mrozek while Martino and Engdahl were also named to the Minnesota State All-Tournament team. In addition, Head Coach Mike DiNardo was named the 2009 Section 4AA Softball Coach of the Year. 

Hall of Fame

Our previous Hall of Fame award recipients are listed in alphabetical order by last name. 


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  • Nancy Kayoum Close, 1978, Distinguished Alumna
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  • Kathryn Detlefsen, 2007, Athletics Hall of Fame
  • Roger and Gail Dvorak, both 1952, Distinguished Alumni
  • Bjorn Dybdahl, 1961, Distinguished Alumnus
  • Daniel Enderton, 1998, Up and Coming Alumnus
  • Albin Erickson, 1928, Distinguished Alumnus
  • Richard Allison Flegle, 1968, Fine Arts Hall of Fame
  • Dr. Joseph Friberg, 1933, Alumni Service Award
  • Elizabeth Galik, 2000, Up and Coming Alumna
  • Gary and Mary Gardeen, both 1968, Alumni Service Award
  • David Glenn, faculty, Athletics Hall of Fame
  • Don Halverson, 1960, Athletics Hall of Fame
  • Jean Hammink, 1967, Distinguished Alumna
  • Rev. Mark Hansen, 1964, Alumni Service Award
  • Rachel Hansen, 2010, Athletics Hall of Fame
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  • David Hepburn, faculty, Fine Arts Hall of Fame
  • Carol McKinney Highsmith, 1964, Fine Arts Hall of Fame
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  • Paul Isaacs, faculty, Fine Arts Hall of Fame
  • Reynold B. Johnson, 1925, Distinguished Alumnus
  • Dr. Bruce Johnson, 1963, Distinguished Alumnus
  • Dwight “Dewey” Johnson, 1971, Athletics Hall of Fame
  • Guido Kauls, faculty, Athletics Hall of Fame, Distinguished Faculty
  • Kenneth S. Larson, 1960, Distinguished Alumnus
  • Elwood (Woody) Larson, 1947, Distinguished Alumnus
  • Lee Durant Larson, 2002, Athletics Hall of Fame
  • Chris Larson, 1985, Fine Arts Hall of Fame
  • Allen E. Law, 1962, Alumni Service Award
  • Lars-Erik Leafblad, 1995, Up and Coming Alumnus
  • Bruce A. LeVahn, 1950, Distinguished Alumnus
  • Dr. Lareau Lindquist, 1954, Alumni Service Award
  • Dee Long, 1957, Alumni Service Award
  • Ted Malmsten, 1957, Athletics Hall of Fame
  • Leah McLean, 1997, Up and Coming Alumna
  • Charles Mikkelson, 1961, Athletics Hall of Fame
  • Harry W. Mixer, 1937, Distinguished Alumnus
  • Craig W. Nelson, 1949, Distinguished Alumnus
  • Mark W. Nelson, 1954, Distinguished Alumnus
  • Dr. Charles W. Niessen, 1958, Distinguished Alumnus
  • Robert D. Olson, 1965, Alumni Service Award
  • Daniel Olson, 1996, Up and Coming Alumnus
  • Jon Rick Olson, 1963, Athletics Hall of Fame
  • C. Donald Peterson, 1935, Distinguished Alumnus
  • Naomi Reed Rhode, 1956, Distinguished Alumna
  • Ellen (Higginbotham) Ruiters, 1993, Up and Coming Alumna
  • Julia (Albinson) Scholl, 1982, Athletics Hall of Fame
  • William “Bill” S. Starr, 1943, Alumni Service Award
  • Carol Sundet-Meeker, 1980, Distinguished Alumna
  • David L. Swanson, 1943, Alumni Service Award
  • Rev. Paul Swanson, 1951, Distinguished Alumnus
  • Bruce Swedien, 1951, Distinguished Alumnus
  • Mark Swenson, 1967, Distinguished Alumnus
  • Kelly Thoes, 2005, Up and Coming Alumna
  • Patrick Weldon, 1991, Up and Coming Alumnus
  • Linda (Paulson) Wicklund, 1964, Distinguished Alumna
  • Rob Williams, 2003, Up and Coming Alumnus
  • Rev. Paul Youngdahl, 1955, Distinguished Alumnus
  • Dr. Walter Youngquist, 1939, Distinguished Alumnus
  • 1923 Girls’ Basketball Team, Athletics Hall of Fame
  • 1925 Boys’ Basketball Team, Athletics Hall of Fame
  • 1950 Boys’ Hockey Team, Athletics Hall of Fame
  • 1960 Boys’ Golf Team, Athletics Hall of Fame
  • 1986 Boys’ Tennis Team, Athletics Hall of Fame
  • 1998 Girls’ Soccer Team, Athletics Hall of Fame
  • 1996 Boys’ Basketball Team, Athletics Hall of Fame
  • 2010 Girls’ Basketball Team, Athletics Hall of Fame