Minnehaha Legacy

When you join Minnehaha Academy, you join a legacy that spans more than 100 years. Our graduates are leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists, and artists. They bring a care for God and others to the work they do each day. 

Our highest aspiration is that as an outcome of their experience at Minnehaha, students will be well-prepared for their future endeavors, have a clear vision of their roles in making a positive and enduring impact in the world, and navigate life's joys and challenges with love, wisdom, and grace. Read about the more than 100 year history of Minnehaha Academy.

"Let us not forget what a gift it has been to be a student here, with loving teachers and staff who direct us to Christ. And now, let us go out into the world to do the work God has given us to do." -Ava Knight, '22

James Barnett, Minnehaha Academy Alum

James Barnett, '04

Twin Cities Charter School Principal

"The MA community wanted me to reach my greatest potential. My professional aspiration is to create that same space for kids in Minneapolis.”


Andy Birdsong, Minnehaha Academy Alum

Andy Birdsong, '05

Brooklyn Nets Assistant GM

"Andy’s whole story is about standing on the shoulders of giants. Many people along the way gave him opportunity and invested in him, and now his goal is to pass that on to others.”

Katie Detleftson, Minnehaha Academy Alum

Katie Detlefson, '07

Professional Golfer

"MA gave me tools, especially the classes that were specific to reading the Bible and digging into the Word. It answered some of the really tough questions of life."

Steve Pontius, Minnehaha Academy Alum

Steve Pontius, '80

Minute Clinic Founder

"From classes to hockey to baseball Steve found his place in the community and developed friendships that carry into today. In fact, classmate Eric Hawkins stepped in during the early days to invest in MinuteClinic and help get it launched."

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