Distinctively Christian

The Bible describes Jesus growing in “wisdom and stature and favor with God and others.” Our deep hope for each student at Minnehaha is that they grow this same way, and our curriculum is rooted in this guiding principle.

A true education leads to human flourishing because it involves the whole person, and this holistic approach is the Mission of Minnehaha Academy: to provide high-quality education integrating Christian faith and learning so that students grow in wisdom and stature and favor with God and others. Just as God takes us by the hand in this journey, at Minnehaha Academy we seek to companion students as we live out our Mission through our Core Values: Distinctively Christian, Exceptional Academics, Caring Community, and Cultivating Potential.

Faith formation is the ongoing process, through the gift and work of the Holy Spirit within a caring community of faculty, staff, students and families, of inviting people to know God’s love, encouraging hearts and minds to trust and follow Jesus, and inspiring lives of servant leadership as we discover our unique potential in sharing our God-given gifts with the world.  

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