Yearbook Staff Pulls in Eight National Awards

Amy Barnard

Quill and Scroll winner, from top left: Maggie Ess, Curtis Craig, Kayla Riddley, Zac Anderson, Lily McClelland, Eva Larson, Abby Hobrough.

An Unusual Year

Congrats to the 2020-2021 Minnehaha Academy Yearbook staff! Quill & Scroll honored the team with eight awards this year, the most we've seen in recent history. Two notable mentions:

1. Lily McClelland is the first MA student to place first in the nation twice.

2. Many of these awards have individual names, but this project was a team effort and each page included input from multiple team members. This is truly a team honor!

Here are those awards:

Performing Arts Photo

First Place: Curtis Craig, Minnehaha Academy, Minneapolis, Minnesota “Live (streamed) in Concert” (top image)

First page of the PDF file: Antler2021pages52-53CurtisCraigPerformingArtsphoto1st


Second Place: Kayla Riddley, Minnehaha Academy, Minneapolis, Minnesota “Role Playing”

a female student wearing black looks up and away while holding her phone with a sense of angst on her face

Student Life Writing

First Place: Lily McClelland, Minnehaha Academy, Minneapolis, Minnesota “Being Black at MA”

First page of the PDF file, six sketches of Minnehaha faculty and students next to their quotes.

Academics Spread

Third Place: Maggie Ess, Minnehaha Academy, Minneapolis, Minnesota “Don’t Try This at Home”

First page of the PDF file: Antler2021pages88-89MaggieEssAcademicsspread3rd

Performing Arts Spread

Second Place: Eva Larson, Minnehaha Academy, Minneapolis, Minnesota “Arsenic Radio Play”

First page of the PDF file: Antler2021pages36-37EvaLarsonPerformingArtsspread2nd

Graphic Design Spread

Second Place: Zac Anderson, Minnehaha Academy, Minneapolis, Minnesota “Imposter Among Us”

First page of the PDF file: Antler2021pages20-21ZacAndersonGraphicDesignspread2nd

Alternative Story Form

Second Place: Abigail Hobrough, Minnehaha Academy, Minneapolis, Minnesota “Fashion Fails, Flops and Follies”

First page of the PDF file: Antler2021pages106-107AbbyHobroughAlternativeStoryform2nd

Pandemic Spread

Third Place: Zac Anderson, Minnehaha Academy, Minneapolis, Minnesota “One Year Later”

First page of the PDF file: Antler2021pages54-55ZacAndersonPandemicspread3rd


Great job at putting together a unique and well-thought out project, yearbook staff. We look forward to seeing what each of you contributes to future publications, at MA and beyond!


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