Theatre Students Take Home 20 Honors

Amy Barnard

The spring production of Museum took home nine group and eleven individual awards for a total of twenty awards!

Outstanding Group Awards

Five actresses reach for an old cow skull that one actress is holding high in the air.

Overall Performance

Ensemble Performance

Costume Crew

Overall Technical Team


Outstanding Individual Awards

One actor is holding a notebook and pen and looking into space as if thinking while the an actress waits at his side

Zac Anderson, Bob Lamb/Giorgio 

Rebecca Skweres, Stage Manager


Honorable Mention Group Awards

One actor in a feathered hat and heels stands looking at a rack of clothes while the others watch for his response.

Achievement in Musical Theatre

Overall Production

Acting Performance

Run Crew

Light & Sound Crew


Honorable Mention Individual Awards

An actor dressed as a guard speaks with a woman holding a camera and purse.

Tollef CurrellGuard

Leah WassonMrs. Salt/Zoe

Tessa BianchiTink/Blakey

Ellsie Craig, Michelle Wall (1st Photographer)

Miriam O'Bert, Cloe/Mrs. Moe

Curtis Craig, Board Operator


Evaluator Shout-Outs

One actress holds something in her hands while two others reach for it with interest

Annis Cairns

Claire Laurey

Ben Stromberg


So proud of our students for this second round of theatre awards!


*Special thanks to Katie Craig for the cast photos.

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