Tessa Bianchi '22: The Consistency of God

Amy Barnard

Tessa Bianchi was asked to speak at this year's Baccalaureate service. Here is what she shared.

When people ask me about my faith, I think they expect a story that will leave them speechless. When I hear testimony stories, I often leave thinking “that is undeniable proof God is who I believe He is,” or, “now I’m sure someone will believe more in the God I love.”

But I don’t have a testimony story like that at all.

I used to really struggle to find what to say when someone asked me how I knew God was real or how my faith had impacted me, because I really can’t remember not feeling like I had God in my corner. I now realize that is my testimony.

Sometimes I find myself almost jealous of the incredible people who have had their lives quickly changed when they find God. I would love to have a story to prove that my faith really changed my life. Maybe a dramatic shift after finding Jesus or a miracle so inspiring and impossible I am sure God had to be behind it. So far I haven’t seen any water turn into wine; I have been told I should be thankful I’ve always known God. God has always been a part of my support system when life is challenging. Because of that, He’s been my rock, even when I don’t realize it was Him keeping me grounded. And for that I’m so grateful.

God has been my rock, even when I don’t realize it was Him keeping me grounded.

High school has been a rollercoaster for the class of 2022. Between a new building, coronavirus, and injustice occurring right outside our school’s community, our experience as high schoolers has been very unique to say the least. I think it’s safe to say though, that we have all grown quickly as we learned to use our voices for worldwide issues while still making it home in time to finish our math homework.

Through all of this, I’ve felt supported. God has discretely been holding my hand. He was showing his goodness to me daily through the little things that supported me as I grew. He was in the teachers who stayed after class to help me feel confident and supported, and in my friends who never fail to check in on me or support me when life gets hard, or in my family who has to deal with me when I come home mentally exhausted from a long day of learning. That in itself is my testimony.

Because of my faith, I see God working in the little beautiful things that surround me everyday. Sometimes they can be difficult to see, but they are always there. Even if God comes in the form of a much needed night of just watching Netflix. We are all surrounded by a God who creates little moments of good out of the flawed world that hurts us.

I see God working in the little beautiful things that surround me everyday.

As great as a happy faith story is, testimonies fail when big questions arrive. What doesn’t fail is consistency. God is consistent. When everything else is spinning, God is there. When you forget He exists, God is still there. When you are scared, angry, confused, sad, lost, joyful, at peace, God understands and will forever be there. Trust and patience are so difficult especially in the midst of adversity. But don’t be discouraged if you are like me and don’t have an “aha” moment of faith. Sometimes no testimony is the best testimony.

Your time will never be wasted devoting yourself to Jesus Christ as early as you can because He is the true source of comfort, peace, and inner joy. Faith is defined as believing without seeing. You can’t always see God in the little things until you believe. Don’t wait for a miracle to turn to God when you need Him. He’s already there waiting for you. 


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