Soul Restoration through a Tech Reset

Rebekah Peterson

"How are you spending your time with technology?"

"Does your phone keep you from sleep?"

"Are you distracted by your phone when you are with family and friends?"

"Is your technology helping or hindering your relationship with God?"

These are a few of the questions that Director of Technology Dave Eisenmann posed to Upper School students during a recent assembly. 

This year's school Bible verse is Psalm 23, a beautiful poem about the divine shepherd. In verse 3, the poem mentions "he [God] restores my soul." Mr. Eisenmann noted in his talk that one way our soul can be restored is through restoring our relationship with technology so that technology is a healthy tool, not harmful.

Some technology apps and social media have been purposefully designed to capture our attention and we can lose track of time. Some ways to counter this are to limit social media use to 25 minutes per app, use our devices for education or creating rather than passive entertainment, and be aware if it begins to pull us away from those we care about.

"If our free attention automatically moves to our social media, then we may miss when a friend needs us. We may miss a creative thought that could turn into something incredible. We may forget to follow through on the promises we make to ourselves. When we’re robbed of our attention, we lose the power to control our own destiny." - Center for Humane Technology 

Mr. Eisenmann posed this challenge to the students: Can you set a goal for one month to cut back on the attention you devote to social media? If you cut back on the time you spend online, what could you achieve? 

Students took him up on the challenge. Their goals included:

  • Spend less time on social media and more time becoming a better athlete and student.
  • Listen to my screen time limits instead of ignoring them.
  • Don't use my phone when I am riding in a car with someone.

In one month, students will watch the documentary LIKE and reflect on their experience with the tech reset. Parents will also have the opportunity to watch the documentary.

Top Tips for Smart Tech Usage from Dave Eisenmann

  • Turn on screen time notifications
  • Set time limits for certain apps that are for entertainment versus for education (25 minutes per app/day is the ideal amount of time for social media usage)
  • Turn on focus mode
  • Turn off notifications 
  • Put your tech to bed at night
  • Take a break and unplug

Learn more on Minnehaha's Digital Health and Wellness website. 

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