Lūdī Rōmānī: Minnehaha Students Sweep the Latin Awards

Lūdī Rōmānī: Minnehaha Students Sweep the Latin Awards
Amy Barnard

After a four-year hiatus the Lūdī Rōmānī is back! Several schools from around the Twin Cities came together for this day of Latin competitions. MA students swept the titles, bringing home 36 first through third place awards in categories ranging from the Oral Quiz Bowl to written tests on Roman life and customs and word derivation. They even had a few olympic races!

Middle School

Oral "Quiz Bowl"  Intro / Level I

Three boys wearing medals smile at the camera

First Place Nolan Hughes /  Mason McGraw / Jude Knight 

Four girls with medals smile at the camera

Second Place Eden Shelton /  Saniyah Pereira / Hasset Kenaw / Alice Pitman

Two girls wearing. medals smile at the camera

Third Place Paula Vavreck /  Simone Feyereisen 


Written Test Results - Intro/level I   

A boy and girls wearing medals smile at the camera

Roman Geography and Monuments
First Place Hasset Kenaw
Second Place Peter Haupt

Roman History
Second Place Mason McGraw
Third Place Eden Shelton

Latin Grammar
First Place Jude Knight
Second Place Paula Vavreck
Third Place Cole Binder

Roman Life and Customs 
Third Place Hasset Kenaw

Word Derivation
First Place Eden Shelton
Third Place Paula Vavreck


Ludi Olympici

Three boys kneel in a pyramid

Horatius at the Bridge
Cole Binder, Kieran Mahoney, Peter Haupt, Jude Knight

Janus Two-Headed Race
Kieran Mahoney, Peter Haupt

Oedipus Hopping Race
Cole Binder, Kieran Mahoney

Sisyphean Rock Rolling
MAMS Zarah Jensen, Brianne Killackey


Upper School

Oral "Quiz Bowl"  results Level III

Three boys wearing medals smile at the camera

Third Place Lucas Eckman /  Aidan Ghylin / Makai Bates / Kaden Wali


Written Test Results - Level II       

Second Place Alexis Braunger


Written Test Results - Level III       

Roman Geography and Monuments
Third Place Lucas Eckman

Roman Mythology
First Place Jenna Blakstad
Third Place Lucas Eckman

Latin Grammar
Second Place Kaden Wali
Third Place Makai Bates

Word Derivation
Third Place Aidan Ghylin

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