Journalism Students Earn National, State Awards

Journalism Students Earn National, State Awards
Amy Barnard

The awards are in for the 2023 Talon, Antler, and Redhawks Online publications! Once again our small team held their ground in multiple categories even as they competed against much larger teams.

Students took home 7 national and 15 state awards. Great job, MA journalists!

Quill and Scroll Yearbook

First Place

An Upper School student listens intently to a young child

Curtis Craig, News Photo
Trent at Community Formation Experience

A screenshot of the page of Curtis's photo essay from the yearbook

Curtis Craig, Photo Essay
Monarch Butterflies


Second Place

A yearbook cover with light beams reflecting in various directions and the mirrored words "Reflection" and "Refraction"

Curtis Craig, Yearbook Cover Design


Third Place

A teacher stands in front of a full whiteboard holding an eraser and laughing

Addi Mack, Portrait Photography
Rich Pluntz with "Pluntz-isms" Written by Students on the Whiteboard Behind Him


National Student Press Association

Talon, First Class, Mark of Distinction

Antler, First Class

Fifth Place

An athlete reaches for the basketball as it bounces off the backboard

Ezra Victor, Sports Photo of The Year
Full Extension


Minnesota High School Press Association 

Talon, Silver, Top Ten

Antler, Silver, Top Ten

Redhawks Online, Bronze

First Place

A clipping of a three paragraph story from a yearbook with a photo of a boy playing a clarinet

Esther Waktola,  Academic/Club Story
Reed My Lips 
Full Version


Second Place

Image of a news article with a woman going through archives

Owen Hoffner, News Story
Elaine Ekstedt: A half-century at MA
 Full Version


An image of Greta's article in the Talon newspaper

Greta Giseck, Sports Story
When Athletes Struggle With Food 
Full Version


Third Place

A screenshot of the page of Grace's story from the newspaper

Grace Kassebaum, Page/Spread Design
Is AI Taking Over?  
Full Version


Photo of an Upper School male student leaning down to listen to a young child.

Curtis Craig, News Photo
Junior Trent Page Listens to a New Friend


Photo of an Upper School female student sitting in front of a window with friends working on a puzzle

Anavie Bernick, Feature Photo
Sophie Stillson-Baillet Works on a Puzzle


Two soccer players attempt to block eacho ther from reaching the ball

James Wilson, Sports Photo
Lucy Askegaard Struggles With a Chisago Lakes Forward


Fourth Place

An image of Tennyson's article in the Talon newspaper

Tennyson Shultz, Feature Story
A different option for the terminally ill
Full Version 

An actress has her arm around another actress and is gesturing for her to look outwards

Josephine Johnson, Feature Photo
 Into the Woods Dress Rehearsal

A basketball Player is mid-air attempting a reverse layup as an opposing team tries to block him

Ezra Victor, Sports Photo
Lorenzo Levy Makes a Leaping Reverse Layup

A yearbook cover with light beams reflecting in various directions and the mirrored words "Reflection" and "Refraction"

Curtis Craig, Theme package
Reflection Refraction Yearbook
Full Version


Fifth Place

Two girls sit at a desk discussing a paper

Danielle Hobbie, Feature Photo
Partners in a Peer Editing Exercise




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