Bringing Books to Life: Real World Learning in Action

Rebekah Peterson

How can students take the lessons they are learning in the novels they read and share them with their community?

How do the books they read tie into Minnehaha's Throughlines*? (Themes that connect daily learning with God's larger story, a key component to transformational learning.)  

After reading Inside Out & Back Again, seventh graders created Public Service Announcement ad campaigns. The ad campaigns needed to reflect a theme from the novel and had to include a 30- or 60-second television ad spot and a print ad. Students worked in groups to create compelling PSAs that would meet the real-life standards of a print or video PSA. 

Meeting these real-life standards of a professional campaign encouraged students to strive for excellence. The message and ideas they presented needed to tie together well to create a complete campaign. 

TV Spot:

  • Exactly 30 or 60 seconds long
  • Clear message (through visuals, print, music, voice)
  • Slogan appears on screen and matches print ad
  • Music to support the theme
  • Edited well

Print Ad: 

  • Slogan that matches TV spot
  • Bold statement with a clear message
  • Limited words and edited well
  • Colorful and eye-catching

Students also needed to write a brief that explained the theme that they were highlighting and provided examples from the book to support their theme. Then the students presented their campaign to an audience articulating the details of their project.

It was wonderful seeing their meaning-filled and thoughtful work in action!

*Examples of Throughlines

  • Justice Seeker: We engage in the kingdom work of redemption and restoration by seeking right relationships with God, others, and creation.
  • Image Bearer: We recognize that every person is created in the image of God, possessing inherent honor and dignity as a unique individual.
  • Community Builder: We share a unity that is based on care for one another rather than conformity.
  • Mosaic Encourager (Diversity Advocate): As people called to nurture a dynamic, diverse community that reflects the Biblical image of the Kingdom of God, we seek to love and live in harmony and peace as a model of God’s beloved community transforming the world
  • TFT
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