2021 Year-End Awards

Amy Barnard

From Mendota to the new 3100 building, distance learning to a "new normal" for in person classes, the class of 2021 persevered and continued to excel. We are so proud of how these students have worked to adapt while maintaining academic excellence and a sense of community. Bravo, class of 2021, for a job well done!

Among their many achievements, students received the following honors and awards at this year’s Senior Honors Night:



Minnehaha Academy Distinguished Graduates
Will Carlen ● Soren Davidson ● Sophie King ● Caidan Moore ● Miriam O’Bert ● Chris Olson ● Alexis Stanley ● Nora Thomey

Minnehaha Academy 4.0 Scholars
Annika Currell ● Caidan Moore ● Christopher Olson ● Audrey Percich ● Alexis Stanley ● Nora Thomey ● Leah Wasson

National Merit Finalists
Soren Davidson

National Merit Commended Scholars
Annika Currell ● Josh Mahoney ● Caidan Moore ● Christopher Olson ● Timothy Siems ● Leah Wasson 


 Leadership - Citizenship - Scholarship Awards

AAA Academics, Arts and Athletics Award
Finn Andreasen ● Rebecca Skweres     

American Legion Citizenship Award
Miriam O’Bert ● Leah Wasson

Community Service Award
Beck Westrem ● Arielle Pickerign ● Linnea Askegaard ● Heiby Hidalgo-Blanco

David Swenson Spiritual Life Award
Lily McLelland ● Emma Richards ● Annika Currell ● Toby Jacobson ● Elsie Craig ● Miriam O’Bert ● Catania Anderson

Dennis and Marcia Pearson Award
Toby Jacobson ● Arielle Pickerign

John Carlson and Ruth Berg Servant Leadership Award
Walter Trutna ● Abby Hobrough

Minnehaha Academy Exemplary Service Award
Thomas Trelstad ● Nora Thomey

Minnehaha Award
Heiby Hidalgo Blanco ● Toby Jacobson

President’s Award in Arts & Scholarship
Annika Currell ● Frank Higgins

President’s Award in Athletics, Leadership, and Scholarship
Charlie Olson ●  Eva Larson

Principal’s Leadership Award
Zac Anderson ● Elsie Craig

Redhawk Spirit Award
Jayven Williamson ● Rutger Hoekstra

Sons of the American Revolution Award
Beck Westrem

United States Presidential Scholar Candidate
Alexis Stanley


Athletic Awards

Athena Award
Linnea Askegaard

Best Senior Athletes
Chet Holmgren ● Eva Larson

Three Sport Athletes
Linnea Askegaard ● James Blomgren ● William Gruidl ● Dixon Hedges ● Eva Larson ● Cecilia Malone ● Charles Olson ● Nicholas Parten ● Asa Wold 


English Department Award

Fitzgerald Award
Sophie King


Fine Arts Department Awards

John Phillip Sousa Award
Frank Higgins

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award
Steven Charpentier

National School Orchestra Award
Tim Siems

National School Choral Award
Zac Anderson ● Elsie Craig

Excellence in Theatre Performance Award
Zac Anderson

Excellence in Visual Arts Award
Andrew Hall

Media Arts Award: Excellence in Filmmaking
Arielle Pickerign


Mathematics Awards

Newton Award
Alexis Stanley ● Nicholas Nix

Katherine Johnson Award
Heiby Hidalgo Blanco


Science Awards

Senior Science Award
Nora Thomey


Congratulations seniors! We are so proud of your hard work and commitment to excellence. May you continue to find joy and success in the next leg of your journey!

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