2021 Spectacular [Video]

Rebekah Peterson
What a Spectacular night! This year's Spectacular gave us the opportunity to celebrate the Everyday Heroes of the Minnehaha Academy community - virtually!  
We are grateful to let everyone know that, with the generous support of our community, we raised $190,330! This will support both the annual fund, which focuses on our teachers and extracurricular programs, and also Heritage and Hope, our tuition assistance program. 
If you’d like to a re-cap of the great program that focused on our Everyday Heroes, you can view the five minute video above, or if you’d like to watch the entire 30 minute program, you can do that here. The 30 minute program includes testimony from two current parents, two alumnae from the class of 2020 and comments from President Rev. Dr. Harris and Board Chair Marc Belton.
Thank you to everyone who participated in any way in our event. We are so grateful to have your support! 
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