2021 Middle and Upper School French Honors

Amy Barnard

Both Middle and Upper School French students received honors for their work this year.
*Not all students were available for photos.

Middle School

This year a number of seventh and eighth grade French students participated in Le Gran Concours, the national French contest. The following students received special honors for their work:

Seventh Grade

Tying for 6th place in Minnesota and 24th place nationally: Santi Aguirre Millan and Violet Jack

Eighth Grade 

3rd in Minnesota and 6th Nationally: Sophie Stillson-Baillet

8th in Minnesota and 16th Nationally: Giselle Geyer

12th in Minnesota and 21st Nationally: Miles Kormann

13th in Minnesota and 22nd Nationally: Natalie Schroedel


Upper School

Congratulations to the following Upper School French students, who were awarded the World Language Proficiency Certificate by awarded by the Minnesota Department of Education for achieving at the Intermediate level in French.

12th Grade

Heiby Hidalgo Blanco

11th Grade 

Gabe Carlson

Claire Laurey

Miranda Ritter

Sofia Howland

10th Grade 

Ingrid Lleva

Daniel Ma

Kate Mahoney

Jasmine Waktola

Halle Whitman

9th Grade

Elaina Johnson

Lily Ziniewicz



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