Where They Go: Kristine McLean '10 Lives With A Wider Vision

Where They Go: Kristine McLean '10 Lives With A Wider Vision
Sara Jacobson
  • Graduated with honors from Gustavus Adolphus
  • Received her Doctor of Law from Mitchell Hamline Law School (2017)
  • Volunteered to assist advocates for domestic violence victims
  • Works as a law clerk for a district court judge

Developing A Wider Vision

Kristine McLean ('10) spent a brief few years at Minnehaha Academy, but this season widened her view of the world and instilled a greater vision for service to others.

“Minnehaha nurtured and prepared me for a life of service after high school,” she says.

In particular, her experience with June Term (now known as CFE - Cultural Field Experience) had a big impact on her life. The summer before her junior year she spent her June Term caring for homeless children living in transitional apartments at Mary’s Place in Minneapolis.

“It was humbling to interact with underprivileged children who were simply happy to meet new people. That experience opened my eyes to the numerous ways we can serve and support one another in our communities.”  

Putting Her Skills to Work for Others

This new perspective led her to volunteer during her time at Mitchell Hamline Law School of Law. While we all know law school is incredibly demanding, McLean made time to research case law that would assist advocates for domestic violence victims. During her graduation last spring, she was honored for completing over 200 hours of law-related public service.

This past October, she was sworn in as an attorney at the MN Supreme Court Bar admission ceremony and now works for a district court judge in Mower County where she does legal research and writing for the judge.

Grateful For Her Minnehaha Foundation

McLean shares that she is proud to have been a Redhawk: “MA inspired me to appreciate how joyous it is to be a part of a faith community that is alive and well!”

One thing that continues to bring richness into her life is the connections she developed with other students at Minnehaha Academy.

“Staying in contact with classmates has impacted my life journey because I have learned so much from witnessing the faith and professional journeys of such humble and industrious people,” she says.

“Even though my time at Minnehaha was relatively short, I was absolutely blessed by my experience…it was great to attend a strong Christian school with so many encouraging and supportive teachers.”

Kristine currently resides in Austin, MN, and enjoys reading, running, and spending time with family and friends. 

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