Holly (Larson) Abramson '08

Holly (Larson) Abramson '08
Sara Jacobson

Holly (Larson) Abramson, ‘08, previously led and organized both the Extended Day and Summer Programs at Minnehaha. She came to Minnehaha for high school, calling the experience “transformational ”. Holly was struck by the differences between her public school experience and what she found at Minnehaha. She was amazed at how much freedom the students had, how much teachers trusted them to make smart choices, and she was “blown away” by all of the enriching opportunities at MA—it was small enough that students could get involved in all kinds of things such as yearbook, choir, and sports—all at the same time, without the level of competition found at a public school. “MA provided so many opportunities to discover what you were passionate about,” she says.

Student-Centered Ministry

Holly began working at MA as the Director of Extended Day and Summer Programs in 2017, after serving as program director at Covenant Pines Bible Camp. She enjoyed her time there, but always knew that MA was a place she could see herself in the future.  “There is a lot of joy in knowing that I’m contributing to a student’s experience that is reflective of the experience that I’ve had here.”  She has always felt strongly connected to the school, and developed deep friendships and relationships that have withstood time. Her closest relationships are still with her MA friends. The older she gets, she feels really blessed to have developed those friendships from MA that blossomed into deep, lifelong friendships. “It’s amazing how you meet an alum and you feel connected to that person.” Abramson says.

Managing the Details 

In her current role, Holly hires, trains and manages staff, overviews curriculum, coordinates transportation and instructors, oversees budget, and sends out information to parents. She has two key staff members who serve alongside her--Carman and Ryan. “Everything that goes into summer camps is like a giant puzzle. It’s rewarding for it all to come to fruition.” 

To the Students

What advice does Holly have for current students? “I would encourage students to explore what you feel you could be passionate about or good at. Take full advantage of all of the rich opportunities you have at MA!” 

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