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Five middle school students pose with a Happiness Starts with Hello poster

After reading Inside Out & Back Again, seventh graders created Public Service Announcement ad campaigns. The ad campaigns needed to reflect a theme from the novel and had to include a 30- or 60-second television ad spot and a print ad. Students worked in groups to create compelling PSAs that would meet the real-life standards of a print or video PSA.

Soul Restoration through a Tech Reset

This year's school Bible verse is Psalm 23, a beautiful poem about the divine shepherd. In verse 3, the poem mentions "he [God] restores my soul." Mr. Eisenmann noted in his talk that one way our soul can be restored is through restoring our relationship with technology so that technology is a healthy tool, not harmful.

A highschool student holds out two posters, one with pictures depicting changes that can improve carbon footprint

What could it look like for students to apply their faith to a unit on chemical reaction types? For Dr. Carmella Whaley's Advanced Chemistry students, it looks like asking: how can I use this knowledge for good? 

Andrew Johnson '15 headshot

Andrew Johnson '15 shares his beginnings at MA in Applied Research and Engineering, then his Microgrid research at the University of St. Thomas.

LeRoy Carlson '55

LeRoy Carlson finds new vision after retirement starting 'The Warner E. Sallman Art Collection, Inc.'

The MInnehaha Academy class of 2021 sits on bleachers in the gym wearing t-shirts that announce their college decisions.

This year's senior awards list is out! From National Merit Finalists to the Academics, Arts, and Athletics awards, our students continue to shine.

A senior boy in a graduation gown stands at a podium and speaks into a microphone. He is looking at his notes.

This year at commencement four MA Distinguished Scholars reflected on the class of 2021's experience with the Minnehaha Academy core values. Here are their brief but meaningful observations. We pray that the class of 2021 continues to walk and grow in each of these arenas as they launch into the rest of their lives!

An African American woman in Minnehaha shirt stands smiling with arms folded in front of a wall covered in athletic photos

Sarina Baker shares about her passion for teaching students of color—and others—about African American history, and why cultural mirrors are so important for students.

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