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All students at Minnehaha Academy grades K-12 will be learning about Minnehaha's commitment to racial righteousness. They will be led in age appropriate discussions in what it means to work toward racial righteousness.

Michelle (Lee) Thompson '86 and Lisa (Hubers) TerHaar '88 find that their unique combination of skills and life experience open the doors for a very special venture in child development and eldercare. 

“The school played a major role in my development – personally, professionally, spiritually, really across the board—with the foundation that allowed me to become the person that I wanted to be.”

Kate attended Minnehaha Academy her senior year and graduated in 1937. She was born in May of 1919, and will turn 101 years old this month!  This makes her the oldest living Minnehaha Academy Alum and former faculty member, to our knowledge.

“Don’t hold fast to any plan that you might have in your hand. Hold it loosely and let God lead you where He wants you to go.”

Middle School students have spent the week learning how to stay mentally healthy. Our Middle School counselors are virtually visiting them in health class to teach about mental health and provide mindfulness exercises. The students watch the presentation and then participate in a live discussion.

Lower School students experience hands-on music lessons, despite distance learning.

Music teacher Ms. Benson has developed creative lessons for students using simple materials students have in their home. 

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