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Children are Known, Loved & Learning at Minnehaha Academy

Immerse your child in a caring community where they will be known and loved by teachers who see their unique gifts and cultivate their potential.

Discover What Makes Minnehaha Different

Why do parents choose Minnehaha?

Parents tell us they choose Minnehaha because they know that their child is loved and known in our safe and caring community, parents witness their child's enthusiasm for learning and see their academic growth, and they watch their children as they step forward into new challenges with confidence. Read more about Why Minnehaha?

Learning is Transformed

Transformational Learning helps each child understand that they have the skills they need, they are valuable, and what they do matters. They know who they are, who they were created to be, and the skills they can share with the world. This Transformational Learning approach is unique to Minnehaha. Learn more about the three key elements of Transformational Learning. 

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86% of Students Participate in Fine Arts
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100% of Students Participate in Service Projects
77% of Students Participate in Athletics
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77 Advanced Placement Scholars 
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Minnehaha Academy has been such an amazing blessing for our family. I have had my children at this school from preschool to high school. The teachers are attentive, loving, strong academically, and a huge blessing at each grade level. Each grade has so many fun and amazing ways to get your child to achieve their highest academic potential. Sign your kids up to come here. You will not regret it! 

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An Exceptional Educational Experience

There is no other school quite like Minnehaha Academy, a top-ranked college prep school located in the heart of the Twin Cities. From the moment you arrive on campus you are part of a welcoming community that values academics, personal passions, and faith.

We encourage students to explore their gifts and talents as we support their development to become next generation thought leaders and change makers. Students thrive in a culture where learning is cool and curiosity and critical thinking are valued by faculty and peers.

Minnehaha graduates are well-prepared to succeed in college and careers. They have the skills and confidence to excel. Our alums are change makers in an ever changing world. They are leaders and forward thinkers in their fields--music, medicine, law, politics, science, academics, and business--to name just a few.

Though MA is an academically rigorous college prep school, teachers see students beyond their academic ability. They are equally devoted to helping students grow as whole people as they model critical thinking, compassion, and humility.  -Julia, Alum

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Our Mission, Our “Why”

We provide high-quality education integrating Christian faith and learning so that students grow in wisdom and stature and favor with God and others.

Core Values

Our core values come to life each day in the actions of our teachers, students, staff, and parent community. It's these four values that make our classrooms a safe place for exploration and discovery, our playgrounds welcoming and kind, and our athletic programs unique in their teamwork and good sportsmanship.  We see these values in the lives of our alumni as they walk into their potential and pursue wisdom. We boldly build our unique approach to learning on these foundational core values. 

Minnehaha Takeaways

A Minnehaha education can make a difference for a lifetime - our alums attest to it! What is the biggest lesson our alums say they learned from their time at Minnehaha?

"Don't let others talk you out of your values and standards. Know where you stand regarding your faith in God. Draw those lines in cement, not sand, so that when pressure comes you don't waver."
- J. Nabs Carlson '85, President of Row23

"I grew to recognize that there are different kinds of people and to be accepting of others. I was also really impacted by the core of integrity and community."
-Caroline Cochran '84, Leadership Coach, TransformAble Coaching & Consulting

"Boundaries and limits (and rules!) are sometimes meant to be changed. If you have a dream or an audacious idea, you can find people who will support you to achieve it."
-Angela Huston '06, Head of Accountability and Adaptation at IRC Global

"MA really nurtured the entrepreneur in me. I learned to explore my interests and find that sweet spot between being totally prepared and trying new things."
-Elizabeth Nelson '01, Scientist & Writer


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Minnehaha Academy is a ministry of the Northwest Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church.