Minnehaha Academy

Admission Office: 612-728-7722

Can I change my schedule at any time during the year?

Schedules can be changed before the semester begins or within the first two weeks after classes begin.

Can I have the teacher I request?

We are not able to accomodate personal requests for teachers.

If I withdraw from a class, will it show on the transcript?

Yes, unless it was done in the first two weeks of the class.

What is MyBackPack?

MyBackPack is a website that allows students and parents access to assignments, individual grades, academic calendars, and other news, activities, and information from the school.

How can I see my information on MyBackPack?

New students and 9th graders will receive new activation codes at the beginning of the school year during advisor time. If you were here last year in grades 9 to 11, the username and password will be the same as you used last year.

Do I have to let my parents see my MyBackPack account?

In most cases, parents will want to let students continue to monitor their own progress, but if a parent requests access to the information on MyBackPack, students are required to provide it.

Where can I get directions to other schools?

Visit the Athletic calendar and then click on the location. This will take you to an address, directions and/or a map.

How do I find out if my physical is up to date?

It will appear in your RORS information on the athletic registration page, or you can check with the nurse.

Where is the most accurate place to find out the athletic schedule?

Our calendar is the most accurate place to view the schedule. We try and make changes there as they happen.

How can I find out if an athletic practice is cancelled?

Check with the coach. Coaches do not provide those details to the main athletic office.