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What is #MyMinnehaha?

#MyMinnehaha is a way for everyone in our community – students, parents, faculty, alums and others – to share photos and videos from Minnehaha Academy happenings. It’s a fun and easy way to keep in touch with everything that is going on in our community and connect with other members of Minnehaha Academy.

You can view all publicly-shared social media posts at MinneahaAcademy.net/Social.

#MyMinnehaha is managed by the Minnehaha Academy Marketing Department.


How can my posts be included in the feed?

  • First, make sure your feed is set to public.
  • Second, use #MyMinnehaha in all of the social media posts (Instagram and Twitter) you want to share with the Minnehaha Academy community.
  • Once the #MyMinnehaha social feed refreshes, you’ll see your posts appear as part of the feed on MinnehahaAcademy.net/Social!

The #MyMinnehaha social feed also includes content posted on the official Minnehaha Academy Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Highlights from the #MyMinnehaha social feed will be selected for inclusion in the quarterly Minnehaha Magazine. When you use #MyMinnehaha in your social media posts, you grant us permission to share your photo in marketing materials, publications and the website.


Content guidelines

#MyMinnehaha is an easy way to share and see what is happening in clubs, athletics, classes and other activities at Minnehaha Academy. However, we do reserve the right to reject items that are not consistent with Minnehaha Academy’s community standards. We will remove posts that are defamatory, obscene or are otherwise inappropriate.