Minnehaha Academy

Admission Office: 612-728-7722

Student/Parent Parking During School Hours

The east parking lot is available for student and general parking, with several parking spots reserved for visitors and handicapped use. We ask all parents and students to please use the east lot if you come to school during the school day. The west parking lot is reserved for faculty/staff with limited spaces available for student parking.

Student/Parent Parking After School Hours

Both the east and west parking lots are unreserved and available for general parking after school hours. If attending soccer/lacrosse games, or other activities on the west side of the building, please park in the west lot as long as space is available. We remain sensitive to the needs of our neighbors and ask that you please avoid parking in front of homes at all times.

Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up

All drop-off and pick-up of students should be done in the east parking lot. Please enter the driveway closest to the tennis courts, follow the driving aisle around to the clock tower entrance (C1), then exit the lot at the driveway farthest from the tennis courts. Please do not use the west lot of drop-off/pick-up as there is no room for turn-around in this lot, and the doors on the west side are kept locked much of the time.

Weekend Parking

North Campus parking lots will be closed and locked overnight and on weekends. The gates will be closed approximately 30-60 minutes following the end of school activities each day, or at about 7 p.m. during the summer and 10:30 p.m. during the school year. Please plan to remove your vehicle from the lots immediately following any activity to avoid being locked in. If you need to leave a vehicle and plan to return later to pick it up, please move the vehicle to the street. Lots must be locked at the end of each day, so cars left in the lots will be blocked in if necessary.

South Campus Parking

Many sports practices and games are held at the South Campus. Please use extra caution when driving and parking at the South Campus to ensure the safety of the younger children. Parking is available after school and on weekends in the lot or along 42nd Street. Please be aware of posted parking restrictions and be considerate of the school’s neighbors.