Minnehaha Academy

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Learning about leadership isn’t enough at Minnehaha Academy. We ensure our students have opportunities to practice leadership in practical situations and groups that will directly translate to the student’s next steps beyond our school.

Students in grades 10-12 who desire to study leadership in-depth can enroll in our elective Leadership Studies Class.


Intern Program

The Intern Program provides an opportunity for students to develop leadership skills in a wide variety of areas. The intern program consists of a flexible number of students who are selected by the Dean of Students and other faculty members. A student can apply to be an intern in the following areas:

  1. Athletics Internship
  2. Campus Pride Internship
  3. Chapel Internship
  4. Community Service Internship
  5. Executive Internship
  6. International Project Internship
  7. Publicity Internship
  8. Student Activity Internship
  9. Student Services Internship
  10. Student Social Events Internship

Selection process for this program occurs in late spring.