Minnehaha Academy

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Opening Eyes: Upper School

There is a place for you at Minnehaha Academy. When you join us, you will join a community of life-long learners in a strong academic program that encourages intellectual curiosity. You will join a community that cares about your success in school and school activities as well as your character. You will amaze yourself with what you can do – in the classroom, on the athletic field and in the arts. You will achieve. And you will be ready to go on to even bigger and better things, in college and in life.

Block Scheduling

We use block scheduling at the Upper School, which enables our students to get a taste of college and focus more on individual classes each day. The schedule also allows for time periods to, among other things, meet with teachers or participate in activities. Learn more

Advisory Program

Students meet weekly with teacher-led advisory groups to discuss any number of topics, including academics and faith, and also engage in small-group activities. Each group stays together for all four years. Learn more

Leadership Development

We empower students to develop as leaders, inside and outside the classroom, and have a voice within our community. Students don’t just learn about leadership but also apply leadership in practical situations. Learn more

Clubs & Activities

Every student is involved in some sort of after school activity, club, sport or organization. Most students, in fact, are committed to several. We’re proud to offer an array of options as wide and diverse as much larger schools. Learn more


Our program is academically rigorous, offering more Advanced Placement courses than any other private school in our state. Students are provided the curriculum to meet their academic goals – and challenge them to become problem solvers and deep thinkers. Learn More

Fine Arts

The arts are thriving at Minnehaha Academy – and so are the artists! We showcase a variety performing groups and provide extensive offerings for students interested in the visual arts program for students of every age and ability. Learn more


We have 26 varsity sports, with 79% of students participating on at least one athletic team. Our teams make regular appearances in the state tournaments. Learn more


With an eye to the future, a new STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) lab, as well as the renovation of the already existing science classrooms, will help our students be better positioned in these subjects. Learn more

Cultural Field Experience

Cultural Field Experience is an authentic learning experience for students that unfolds over the course of several months and allows them an opportunity to build bridges within our school, neighborhood, and global communities among people from diverse socioeconomic, generational, religious, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds. Learn more

"College admissions are more competitive than ever. The ability to take a variety of STEM courses at the AP level combined with sending experiments to the International Space Station was a unique way to show that I was more than just one of the many well-rounded applicants applying to top universities."

- Alum, Harvard student

Welcome to Achievement

86% of Minnehaha Upper School teachers hold advanced degrees.

Our teachers, in collaboration with colleagues and administrators, are free to create and shape their curricula in order to enrich their students’ learning experience.