Minnehaha Academy

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How can parents be involved in the Middle School?

Young adolescents in Middle School sometimes say they don’t want their parents around anymore. What they say and what they need are sometimes entirely different things. Middle School Parents need to be involved in their students lives. We ask that you regularly check your students assignment notebooks, call or email teachers if you have questions, monitor (but don’t do) your childs homework, get to know your childs friends, and keep talking to your child.

There are official ways to get involved in the middle school. We ask for parent volunteers for a variety of activities throughout the school year. The development office at Minnehaha uses many parent volunteers in their fundraising activities. MAPT (Minnehaha Academy Parents Together) is the official parent organization of the Middle School. This organization supports a wide variety of activities in the Middle School.and MAPT representatives contact parents for a wide variety of volunteer opportunities.

Do students wear uniforms in the Middle School?

No. We have a dress code but no uniforms.

Do you have sports in the Middle School?

Yes, there are a wide variety of athletic opportunities for Middle School Students. Most school sponsored athletic teams begin in 6th grade. We encourage all students to participate in sports, even if they have had little or no experience. Middle School is the time to try new things and for some athletics might be that new thing.

What other activities are available besides sports?

Middle school students enjoy a wide variety of co-curricular activities. Visit “Extracurriculars” to learn more about these opportunities.

What are the school hours?

The Middle School runs from 8:40-3:10. The doors open at 8:15 every morning. Most athletic and club activities begin at 3:30.

Do you have after school child care?

Yes – We have the Yellow Lounge. The Yellow Lounge runs from 3:15- 6:00 on school days and all day on release days.

Do you have homework in the Middle School?

Yes-we believe that homework is an important to reinforce learning that took place in school. We try and have about an hour a night…if you have a lot more or less then that we will need to adjust the amount.

How about lunch?

We have it all- hot, cold, milk, salad bar, soup and sandwich… we have all the bases covered as far as lunch options go. Middle School students love to eat!! Check out the lunch menu online.

Do you have language offerings in the Middle School?

We have several different opportunities for language study in the Middle School. All 6th graders take an introduction to Latin Course. 7th and 8th graders can choose from Spanish, French, Chinese, and Latin. We encourage but do not require language study in 7th and 8th grade.